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Queer Consent

Sharing Your Story

Season 1, Ep. 2

On this episode, Thomas Garrod-Pullar is joined by Tessel ten Zweege, Feminist Author and Journalist; and Jeffrey Dral, Author of "Liegen Zul Je" as we discuss sharing your story.

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  • 6. Next Steps: Building Safer Safe Spaces

    On the final episode of the series, join Thomas Garrod-Pullar with journalist Haroon Ali, Amsterdam city counsellor Kris van der Veen, and chair of COC Midden Gelderland, Ricardo Brouwer as we discuss what's needed in the community to bring change around consent.
  • 5. Meet The Professionals

    We're joined by Iva Bicanic (Clinical Psychologist and Director, Centrum Seksueel Geweld); Willy van Berlo (Programme Manager, Sexual Violence, Rutgers sexuality expertise center); and Joey Woudstra (Nurse, GGD Amsterdam) to discuss their experiences and professional take on consent.
  • 4. From Chemsex to Queer & Sober

    On this episode we dive into the world of chems and booze, and look at what substances do to our perception of boundaries, and ability to navigate consent.
  • 3. Trans, Intersex and Intersectionality

    On this episode we talk to Tijn de Jong (he/they) and Sharan Bala (she/they) about the experiences of trans and intersex people, and how they navigate consent, love, and bodily autonomy.
  • 1. Getting Started

    On the first episode of Queer Consent, join Thomas Garrod-Pullar as he talks with Sara Dekker-Alaoui, Director, The Safe Space Club, and Nina Sierig, Co-Founder, MenAsWell, about activism against sexual violence, and making sure intersectional minority groups are heard. Featuring Marko Mihailovic, former Director of Belgrade Pride.