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  • 37. From me: Nothing changes if nothing changes

    In this episode we get up to speed on all things Process the Podcast and how I decided to go all in with it. I’m stripping it back to move forward.This episode kicks off with the great Steve Jobs and an interview from the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association, they conducted an unscripted film interview with Steve Jobs in 1994. I’ve rearranged my career to work on this podcast and see its potential. Sacrifice is hard, going after what you want is hard, and admitting that you may be focusing on the wrong things and staying focused when there are so many shiny new things to try on the internet, is hard! But as my 2024 vision board says, nothing changes if nothing changes! What are you up to this year that you want to rearrange your career to achieve?Share this episode, leave a review, follow us on Instagram, and all the things! Thank you for being a part of the process, see you next week.

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  • 36. Film director Phillip Noyce on juggling scripts, the drug of telling stories and his legacy career so far...

    This episode is an insightful journey into the artistry of renowned Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce. It is tailored for filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, actors, and all creatives shaping the dynamic landscape of the motion industry. Join your host Arielle Thomas, as we explore the distinguished career of Phillip Noyce, a luminary whose cinematic achievements have captivated global audiences. From the heart-pounding suspense of "Dead Calm" to the profound storytelling of "Rabbit-Proof Fence," Noyce's work serves as a masterclass in cinematic excellence. We dissect Noyce's directorial finesse, unravelling the techniques that have garnered critical acclaim and set industry standards. Hear exclusive insights into Noyce's creative process, with behind-the-scenes revelations from the sets of his iconic films. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring creative, Process is your gateway to a deeper understanding of filmmaking, narrative craftsmanship, and the profound impact of storytelling. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe, share and leave a review! #ProcessthePodcast #FilmmakingExcellence #PhillipNoyce #CraftingStories #Cinema #PodcastForCreatives #Directing #Director #filmmaking #australianfilmmaker
  • 35. Soho House Sydney is coming & what it takes to create a space people want to be a part of with Dom and Lexie of Soho House

    Process the Podcast is back! After a small break, I'm back interviewing the creme de la creme of Australia creatives across fashion, media, photography, film and design landscapes. This week's episode was recorded during SXSW Sydney with Soho House's Head of Memberships APAC Lexie Rodriguez and Head of Memberships, Cities Without Houses Dominique Bellas. We hear all about the long-awaited Sydney House, what it takes to build a worldwide community of members and their secret sauce to making any space feel like home.To sign up for Soho House's Cities Without Houses, click here and we may see each other around! I adore these ladies, and I hope you can tell how much fun we were having during their pop-up residency in Sydney late last year. To learn more about Process the Podcast, follow us on socials @processthepodcast on Instagram and Tik Tok.We're back next week with a Hollywood film director... pinch me! See you next week!
  • 34. The rise of luxury Tik Toker Katherine Denton, "doing the damn thing"

    Katherine Denton is a force to be reckoned with. One of Melbourne's most successful TikTokers, she's also one of the newest content creators on the scene. Within two years, she's cemented herself in the Australian fashion industry working with premium and luxury brands. She's here to stay with the launch of Katherine Denton Jewellery. In this episode, we dive into the hard work it takes to grow an audience, her approach to the competition, and her unique way of using others' paths to success to guide her own. This conversation was such a pleasure, and everything we covered can be found below! If you loved the sound of Text Tok, head to and sign up for our Beta here! To follow your host (me, Arielle Thomas), jump over to Instagram here. Follow Process the Podcast on Instagram here. Check out the iconic lobby photo of Katherine and Louis at the Lobby Bar. Head straight to Katherine's TikTok here. Stalk her on Instagram here. Follow all things Katherine Denton Jewellery here. Head to the website here. Don't forget to subscribe & leave a review! Thanks for listening! See you next Sunday!
  • 33. A 360 on the SAG & WGA strikes with Rebecca Rittenhouse, working actor and real life angel

    My great friend and working actor Rebecca Rittenhouse takes me through very complicated Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America strikes currently taking place. These two very important American Unions are going up against steaming giants we know and love like Netflix, Paramount, Amazon and Apple. It's complicated, multi-layered and you can really feel for actors and writers who want to work, they just want to do it fairly. Join us as Rebecca shares the complexities from a working actor's point of view, during this incredibly important time for film, television, and content professionals worldwide. I hope you love this episode! Follow Rebecca Rittenhouse on Instagram here.Find your host, Arielle Thomas here.Subscribe to Process the Podcast and never miss an episode!
  • 32. Freelancer highs, lows and finding silver linings in your set backs with brand designer Taylor Amy

    In this episode, we interview the viral graphic design, and brand designer Taylor Amy. At 25 years old, her timeless aesthetic and bold way or sharing her client briefs, passion projects and even rejected designs, speak volumes for the community that she's cultivated online. We chat through the highs and the lows of being a freelance creative and how sometimes your business going quiet, can offer the best silver linings, and lead you to where you always needed to go. I hope you love this episode! Check out Taylor Amy's work on Instagram here. Find your host, Arielle Thomas here. Subscribe to Process the Podcast and never miss an episode.
  • 31. BONUS: We've started a new business AND it's been nominated for an award

    This week has been madness, AND I've launched a new arm of the business. Introducing Thom Projects! The momentum of organic, mobile-first video is pouring into my inbox, our team can't really deny this anymore. It has to stand alone, away from the Cinema Thom campaign, directing, and photography offering I have cultivated. Tune into this episode and let me tell you all about Thom Projects. I have been shortlisted for the B&T Women in Media Awards in the Social Category for my work specifically for Kmart's Organic Socials. Let's blow up your socials through viral organic video together!