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Interim Podcast -Issue 17

Season 6, Ep. 0

With Issue 17 at the printers, we once again hit that interlull timeframe with space to fill before the magazine is returned to us ready to send out. As usual, we've filled part of that time with a bumper special edition podcast for a look under the skirts of what went into making Issue 17 of Pro Detailer Magazine. This includes; impromptu 4am photography sessions on bridges over a motorway, hanging around docks watching men work, building test rigs with zero engineering ability, and being escorted from airport departure lounges by armed police.

Listen. Enjoy. Buy the magazine.

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  • A short update and 25 minutes of waffle

    Bert and Ian have a bit of news and a catch up in the usual 10 minute short interim podcast that lasts 30 minutes.Theres of a update on the magazine this year, talk about a new book, and discuss what goes on in Ian's shed...We even beeped some expletives about British Airways.
  • 8. Interim Podcast Issue 18

    Issue 18 will be relased from the printers shortly, so Bert and Ian take a look back at what's gone into this edition, talking about news, new products, the guides section, interviews, megatest, trader talk, and everything in between.
  • 7. S05 Episode 07

    For the final episode of Season 5 we sit down with a bit of a godfather in the UK detailing scene - or maybe that uncle that buys you cherry bombs from the French supermarket.Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable journey of Dom Colbeck, an extraordinary figure in the UK detailing industry. He isn't just known, he's an integral cog, a driving force that has shaped the market and inspired countless other entrants. From launching a kitchen brand as a swipe at the mainstream, which ended up steering the current crop of indie manufacturers, he then went on to develop the OG Detailing show - Waxstock - before co-reviving a brand back from nothing to become one of the best and most sought after scene-detailing labels in the world. We chat through his history, present and future, and how he came into running the original enthusiast brand.
  • 6. S05 Episode 06

    This week we're running a slightly shorter than normal podcast, but fascinating stuff is packed within. We're joined by Kai Seidel who we met on our tour of (a bit of) Germany earlier this year, and he helps us explore the fascinating world of Menzerna, and dive deep into the creation and refinement of the abrasives used in the blending. Chemistry star Kai is the Lab Manager at the German polishing giant whose job it is to manage, test, and evaluate the abrasives used in everything from 400 to 3-in-1. We talk about the evolution of compounds, Menzerna themselves, and how abrasives are created and refined down to the ingredients of a polish in the first place from raw materials.
  • 5. S05 Episode 05

    This week we made the terrible mistake of having a close friend on the show, one who Bert and Ian have known for far too long. Rich March is well-known as a specialist trainer for detailing through UK Detailing Academy; and we chat through our varying vertical deficiencies, chronological deficiencies, and vehicular ones - at least until Bert became unable to speak through giggling. We dive deep into the fascinating world of training and safety, exploring the dynamic shifts occurring within the industry. Gone are the days of casual learning; instead, a more formalized approach to mastering a trade is emerging. But that's not all! Our conversation takes an exhilarating turn as we explore the thrilling buzz surrounding the highly anticipated Automechanika show in Birmingham. Brace yourself as UK Detailing Academy proudly takes the reins in curating the electrifying Live Detailing Hub. Catapulting the world of detailing onto a grander stage, capturing the attention of the aftermarket industry. Get ready to witness an extraordinary convergence of passion and expertise... And giggles.
  • 4. S05 Episode 04

    This week we take you to Saarbrücken, and the home of Nanolex for a chat with the boss - Florian Kessler. A LOT has changed since we last visited Florian back in 2017, and we run through the growth of one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. We chat about social influencers and their role in promotion, where the chemistry is going, and learn a bit about properly enjoying cigars...
  • 3. S05 Episode 03

    This week we've two interviewees for the price of one! Our search for amazing and interesting detailing guests took us to Stuttgart and the home of blending and pad creation house Scholl Concepts.We start off talking about where it all started for Scholl, both for Matthias, who worked his way up to the top job from entry-level, and for the company itself - the products they've developed and what's next for the technology they create. All that squeezed into the first half, before the second half takeover by Scholl's technical consultant and trainer Martin Kommander, for a look at some paint myths and a bit of the science behind the technology.
  • 2. S05 Episode 02

    This week we are joined by a guest who has literally seen the (modern) detailing industry grow from its seed up. A gentleman who, prior to his current posting as Global Sales Manager for Lake Country, had spent 20 years at the helm of Flex USA after working for Skil, Shop Vac, Porter Cable, Dewalt, and pretty much every tool manufacturer in North America it seems... We are of course talking to Bob Eichelberg, who takes us through his professional journey from 1976 to now, and the stories and people he met on the way.