The Pro Detailer Podcast

The PRO Detailer Magazine was launched in 2015 and is now the largest global print publication for the car detailing industry. The magazine is put together by Bert Youell and Ian Sealey with contributions from across the detailing industry to bring its readers guides, features, reviews and to showcase some of the finest detailing work in the world. This is them talking to interesting people.

Bert Youell

Bert is the founding editor of PRO Detailer Magazine, the founder of the PVD Trade Association, and host of the PRO Detailer Magazine YouTube Channel - hobbies mostly include fluffing old Subaru's while listening to BBC Radio 4 and growing beards

Ian Sealey

Ian is the creative hemisphere of the Magazine team's brain - responsible for the overall style and layout, as well as writing feature articles and guides. A long time professional detailer, he's becoming more like a cat in his old age, preferring warm places to sleep and no loud noises to spoil his day.