Priest VS Maiden

fredag 3. juni 2022

#025 The Trooper with Nate Bergman

Season 3, Ep. 25
This is our first (but not last!) episode in english! This podcast raises the very important question: Which is the better band, Priest or Maiden? While we don't like polarizing opinions, we love discussing every aspect of those two bands with our guests. Each guest tells which band the prefer, but can only give 1 point based on the aspect we are discussing. If you like, you can check the unedited episode on YouTube.Our first english-speaking guest is the powerhouse singer Nate Bergman. He fronted the now legendary Lionize for many years, and this week his first solo album Metaphysical Change placed at number 8 on the Top New Artist Albums chart on Billboard. He just got off the road supporting the mighty Clutch, but he's alway on the road, check his webpage or Facebook for dates! We talk about how Nate got into Priest and Maiden, his first meeting with Neil Fallon from Clutch, his top Priest and Maiden tunes, and we'll find out if Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson is his favourite singer of the two. We also talk pizza, and herring! Thanks Nate for guesting! Nate's top tunes and albums: Maiden: Album: Piece of mindSongs:The TrooperFlight of IcarusWhere Eagles DarePriest: Album: Screaming for VengeanceSongs: You've got another thing comingPainkillerLiving after midnightSPOILER ALERT!We're keeping tabs! Nate's judgement: Rob Halford's got more swing than Bruce Dickinson, so his point goes to Priest. After this episode, the score is: Priest 9,5, Maiden 6,5Intro inspired by Priest and Maiden, recorded by Andrea Noah Boma Boccarusso, used with permission. You can find him on instagram @boma_ab and YouTube.