National Trust: Prejudice and Pride

  • Episode 6 - Standing Tall by Hadrian’s Wall

    When Emperor Hadrian ruled ancient Rome from AD 117 – 138, there was nothing unusual about same sex relations. Clare Balding discusses queer culture in the ancient world with Stuart Frost, Head of Interpretation at the British Museum. E-J Scott is out and proud at Hadrian's Wall to find out how this ancient site is a landmark for the LGBTQ community. Reading by Cyril Nri.
  • Episode 5 - Party Palaces: Fancy dress, theatricality and performativity

    Queer performance can be a chance to celebrate and cement identities. Clare Balding talks with leading Queer Theorist Matt Cook, and the writer and performer Seiriol Davies. E-J Scott is at Plas Newydd in Wales to explore the extraordinary life of Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey. Reading by Cyril Nri.
  • Episode 4 - Women’s intimacy

    This episode, women take centre stage as we explore some fascinating herstory at National Trust places. Clare Balding talks with Amy Tooth-Murphy, an expert on the history of sexuality, and Nino Strachey, Head of Specialist Advice at the National Trust. E-J Scott visits Smallhythe Place in Kent, which was home to Edy Craig, Ellen Terry's pioneering daughter. Reading by Miriam Margolyes.
  • Episode 3 - Traces: the overlooked, shifting and unrecoverable

    There are many stories that have been left out of recorded history, including those of LGBTQ people. So how can we find the traces of these lives and how do they change our understanding of history? In this episode, Clare Balding is joined by Cultural Historian and member of the National Trust Board of Trustees, Gus Casely-Hayford, and by Community Learning Manager at Sutton House, Sean Curran. E-J Scott visits Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in Kent to find out more about its famous LGBTQ residents and the less-well known life of Dawn Langley-Simmons.
  • Episode 2 - Retreating creatively

    The privacy and tranquility of creative retreats provide a haven for artists and writers. Joining Clare Balding to discuss this topic is the writer Will Eaves and Clare Barlow, Assistant Curator at Tate Britain, who has curated the exhibition 'Queer British Art'. E-J Scott visits Bucks Mills Cabin in Devon, once home to the renowned artists Judith Ackland and Mary Stella Edwards. Reading by Miriam Margolyes
  • Episode 1 - Collectors, collections and creators: artists & artistry

    Clare Balding presents a series exploring the dramatic and surprising LGBTQ history of National Trust places. Clare is joined in the studio by the author of the National Trust's Prejudice and Pride guidebook, Alison Oram, and Rachael Lennon, who co-ordinates and curates the Trust's Prejudice and Pride programme. Out on location is E-J Scott, who is at Kingston Lacy in Dorset. It was once home to William John Bankes, who built the exceptional collection at Kingston Lacy even when he was in exile. Reading by Sarah Waters.