Why I'm Using My Late Husband's Sperm to Try To Have a Baby: A Love Story

When Fabi traveled from California to Nashville for a football game in 2014, she never imagined her life would radically change. One night at a bar she met Josh, a handsome Army Ranger who had been stationed nearby. They would later describe the encounter as "love at first sight." The two were just starting out their lives in their 20s when Josh received a devastating diagnosis, he had a rare form of cancer called synovial sarcoma. 

Josh knew he wanted to preserve his sperm and later spoke to Fabi about his wish to marry her and try to have a baby with her, despite the fact that he may not be there to raise their child. Josh and Fabi married on November 12, 2016 and Josh passed away just one month later.

While this part of Josh and Fabi’s love story together ended, in many ways it continues to this day as she undergoes multiple IVF rounds to try to create healthy embryos and the chance at getting pregnant with her great love and continuing his legacy.

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