The Reality of Infertility: With a Former Bachelor + Bachelor in Paradise Star

If you've ever watched the reality show “The Bachelor” you may remember Holly, who was on the 12th season of the popular series and the winner of Season Two of the reality show spin off, The Bachelor Pad. Holly actually met her husband, Blake Julian, on the show, and they're one of the few couples in “Bachelor Nation” who are still together today. Millions watched as a pair fell in love and followed their story when they got married in 2012. But, what fans didn't know about the pair was that they were struggling behind the scenes to get and stay pregnant. 

Diagnosed with Stage Four Endometriosis in 2014, Holly had surgery to try to treat it, believing it would lead to a successful healthy pregnancy. She never imagined all the years and all the tears that her journey to parenthood would take. As she processed multiple failures and losses, she and Blake largely kept quiet, at least to their fans. But when her daughter Poppy arrived through adoption in 2019, Holly came out in a vulnerable and "real talk" Instagram post, which was titled, “My Seven Year Secret.”

On this episode, Andrea talks to Holly about why she's now “out loud” with her fertility story, how she and Blake navigated miscarrying, and the challenging experiences they faced in their marriage while trying to build their family, and why she now says that Poppy was worth the wait -- even if she had to wait another seven years to be her mom.

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