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Using Storytelling to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader with Branding Expert Vivienne Okafor

Ep. 145
In This Episode…

Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to craft a compelling story? Do you want to learn how to position yourself as a thought leader or become more influential? If so, then this episode of the PR 360 is for you! Today, host Brett Deister speaks with Vivienne Okafor, a content creator and storyteller who teaches entrepreneurs and service-based business owners how to clarify their brand stories and communicate them effectively to build meaningful connections online.


Key Takeaways:

·      How the ability to pivot can help businesses adapt and succeed

·      The importance of mapping out a story before writing it

·      The major role patience plays in determining the foundational elements of a cohesive message


Episode Timeline

·     01:13 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·     01:31 - Do you like a specific brand of matcha?

·     02:08 - Can you summarize your expertise?

·     03:18 - What is the most important takeaway when crafting your story?

·     05:31 - How should entrepreneurs figure out the why?

·     07:05 - Is it helpful for entrepreneurs to write a press release about themselves?

·     08:22 - Is it easier or harder for entrepreneurs to tell their story?

·     09:52 - Talking about creating an impactful story

·     11:02 - What are the common struggles that entrepreneurs face when building their brand?

·     13:20 - Are we oversimplifying content?

·     15:15 - Is there anything people should know before starting their entrepreneur journey?

·     16:57 - Talking about the entrepreneur journey

·     19:21 - Should entrepreneurs be mindful of social media trends?

·     21:45 - Should entrepreneurs understand the basics of marketing?

·     23:01 - What was one of your favorite projects?

·     26:14 - Fun question: Would you ever write a fictional book?

·     27:38 - Where can people find you online?

·     28:06 - Final thoughts


Our Guest Today:

●      Vivienne Okafor was our guest today.

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