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The Blacktionary with Maggie Semple and Jane Oremosu

Through their work with organisations and companies across the world, Maggie Semple and Jane Oremosu found that there was a need to help people as they discussed difference, race and inclusion. My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary aims to do just that.

This A-Z pocket guide is for people who are entering the workplace and finding their identity, for leaders and managers who feel overwhelmed by ever-evolving definitions and phrases, for anyone who is afraid of saying the wrong thing and being judged. From explaining what microagressions are and their impact, to helping you understand what cultural appreciation is and how it's different to cultural appropriation, their incredible book will break down barriers to engaging in conversations on race.

Drawing together the best definitions as well as useful advice and tips, My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary is an essential tool to broaden your knowledge and live and work better with others.

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