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Welcome to the Power Hour Podcast with Adrienne Herbert! What could you do, if you dedicated just one hour each day to improving yourself and your life? Could getting up one hour earlier each day be the key to unlocking your full potential? Power Hou...

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  • Stress, Regulation, and our Nervous System with Dr Sula Windgassen

    Dr Sula Windgassen works in the NHS as a health psychologist and senior cognitive behavioural therapist working with people with long term health conditions and Axis I mental health disorders. Dr Sula completed her health psychology doctoral training and PhD in psychological medicine at King’s College London, publishing research papers on the role of psychological factors in irritable bowel syndrome. Her clinical work and published research explores how psychological approaches can improve physical symptom experience. Dr Sula’s Workbook mentioned in the episode “Cultivating safety in the body through action” can be found, for free, here: And you can follow Dr Sula @the_health_psychologist_

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  • Power Hour Live with Beauty Pie's Marcia Kilgore

    Recorded live at The Treehouse Hotel in London, Adrienne sits down with the incredible Marcia Kilgore.Marcia Kilgore is a Canadian-born entrepreneur and Beauty Pie's founder, who has founded a string of game-changing global companies in the worlds of beauty and wellness. These include, Bliss Spa, FitFlop, Soap & Glory and Soaper Duper. Having founded Beauty Pie in 2016, she writes about beauty, wellness and skincare.You can find out more about Beauty Pie online at
  • The Race to be Myself with Caster Semenya

    Caster Semenya is a professional runner from South Africa. She's a two-time Olympic Games gold medalist and a three-time World Athletics Championships gold medalist. She lives in Pretoria, South Africa.Told with defiance and speed, The Race To Be Myself is a journey through innocence, ambition, obstacles and acceptance. From her rural beginnings running in the dust, to crushing her opponents on the track. To the falsehoods spread about her name, and the many trials she has been forced to endure publicly and privately. This is Caster's time to set the record straight and share her story of how she became a defiant champion.
  • The Blacktionary with Maggie Semple and Jane Oremosu

    Through their work with organisations and companies across the world, Maggie Semple and Jane Oremosu found that there was a need to help people as they discussed difference, race and inclusion. My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary aims to do just that.This A-Z pocket guide is for people who are entering the workplace and finding their identity, for leaders and managers who feel overwhelmed by ever-evolving definitions and phrases, for anyone who is afraid of saying the wrong thing and being judged. From explaining what microagressions are and their impact, to helping you understand what cultural appreciation is and how it's different to cultural appropriation, their incredible book will break down barriers to engaging in conversations on race.Drawing together the best definitions as well as useful advice and tips, My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary is an essential tool to broaden your knowledge and live and work better with others.
  • Financial Wellness with Melanie Eusebe

    Melanie Eusebe is a creative entrepreneur and a director at Accenture, where she is also the Diversity and Inclusion lead. She is a co-founder of the Black British Business Awards and founder of the Money Moves financial empowerment programme. Melanie was a judge for the 2020 Women's Prize for Fiction, and in the same year she was awarded an MBE for services to diversity in business.
  • Regulating Your Nervous System

    Adrienne discusses something she's been talking about in her talks recently - regulating your nervous system. From up-regulation when you need energy, to down-regulation when it's time for rest, Adrienne shares her tips to get you feeling the best you can!
  • Running across America with William Goodge

    In this episode in association with On, Adrienne speaks with William Goodge, who ran from LA to New York earlier this year.