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SEASON 3 starts September 14!

Season 3

SEASON 3 premieres Thursday, September 14th!

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  • 38. Ritual Abuse

    This week, many acts of ritual abuse were committed across the country. Although October 31st is the day when the rituals are more extreme, ritual abuse happens almost every day in our country - in almost every state.The majority of victims are not believed because their stories are so sadistic that their stories seem unreal.Listen-in to learn more about ritual abuse, how it happens, and how to help prevent future victims.#RitualAbuse#BloodSacrifice#MindControl#DarkHalf#HalloweenRitual#SatanicCelebration
  • 37. Resolving Conflict

    Conflicts often exist in your relationships, your workplace, and in politics because of the person(s) psychological ego, childhood beliefs about disagreeing, concerns about image, and desires to be "right" or in control. In this episode, I am interviewed by thought leader and former journalist Michael Ashford, the host of The Follow-Up Question podcast.Listen-in to hear how to resolve conflicts with others or even within yourself and learn how internal conflict (within yourself) can be a good indicator in how to move forward in life.
  • 36. Do Boycotts Work?

    Do boycotts work? Bud Light and Target experienced major boycotts this year…but where they effective? After the hype wears off and the news coverage stops, do boycotts continue? Listen-in to hear if these boycotts worked and what is needed to make an individual or a mass boycott effective.In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr #PsychologyOfBoycotts #boycotts #TargetBoycott #BudLight
  • 35. GMOs, seedless “watermelon”, & Whole Foods

    That "wild caught" salmon you are buying might really be GMO... and your seedless fruits... definitely GMO!In episode 35, listen-in for the truth about the foods you are eating (including fresh fruits, salmon, vegetables). Hear how stores and brands are marketing themselves as healthy and whole, but are actually deceiving shoppers.🗒️Hear the 3-step GMO Cheat Sheet to help you make healthy and safe food choices. In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr ____________________________LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:         @DrReneeCarr📞Leave a voicemail: 410.770.2992🌟Be a LIVE CALLER!❓Answer the “Uncomfortable Question of The Week” 🗣️Comment on the post, send a DM, or leave a voicemail!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastVoicemail:          410.770.2992
  • 34. Diagnosing Donald, Joe, & Mitch

    Freezing on camera, falling down - and up - the stairs, and random rants on social media. Is it important for voters to know the health status of our elected officials and political candidates? In the premiere of Season Three, Dr. Carr discusses and diagnoses former president Donald Trump, current President Joe Biden, and Minority Leader of the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell.Also hear greetings and welcome messages from listeners like you!____________________________LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr📞Leave a voicemail: 410.770.2992🌟Be a LIVE CALLER!❓Answer the “Uncomfortable Question of The Week” 🗣️Comment on the post, send a DM, or leave a voicemail!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastVoicemail:          410.770.2992
  • 🏖️ Faith and Politics

    We end the Summer Series with my interview on the highly impactful Faithful Politics podcast. From the mental state of President Biden and Donald Trump, to the impact of religiosity on politics, we have a free-flowing conversation on all things related to faith and politics.Enjoy your summer! ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr _________________________________________ About FAITHFUL POLITICS PODCASTWebsite: on Instagram: YouTube: on X / Twitter:
  • 🏖️ Successful Self-Publishing

    If you have an idea for a book, but don’t consider yourself an author…OR if you are an author but not having success, listen-in as Author Valerie Thompkins shares the secrets to her success as a self-published author who started with a zero dollar budget.Enjoy your summer! ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr  #SelfPublishingSuccess #AuthorValerieThompkins #AspiringAuthors _________________________________________ About AUTHOR VALERIE THOMPKINSwebsite: Instagram: Twitter / X:
  • 🏖️ Life Balance for Activists

    SUMMER SERIES 🏖️ special #6If you’re a caregiver, “the responsible one”, CEO, or political or social activist, practicing balance is not easy to do. Listen-in to my interview on the COFFEE & CONVOS with LIZ show as I share easy ways to add and maintain life balance for yourself and clarify your purpose while also saving the world!Enjoy your summer! ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr _________________________________________ About COFFEE AND CONVOS w/LIZ on Instagram: Facebook: Other:  ____________________________🔗'Honey in The Summer’ performed by PUBLIC© 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.  #CoffeeAndConvos #ActivismAndBalance