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  • 49. Judge the Judges

    The Justices of the Supreme Court have received over 1,309 luxury vacations, yacht and private jet travel, and other expensive gifts – including real estate and private school tuition for their relatives. The majority of these gifts are from companies and individuals who have had court cases presented before the Justice to whom they gave a gift. It is time to judge the judges – and hold them accountable for their unethical, bad behavior. Yet, in 2006 and 2023 when Congress presented SCOTUS with the intention to provide legal oversight over the Justices’ acceptance of gifts, SCOTUS refused to agree to abide by any code of ethics or external oversight. Listen-in and hear how SCOTUS is impeachable and what you can do to avoid their unethical conduct resulting in favors and laws that will hurt you family or community.  In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr ____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr#SupremeCourt #SCOTUS #Impeach #PoliticsAndPsychology ____________________________🔗Research & Information* Supreme Connections{database search for organizations and people that have paid the justices, reimbursed them for travel, given them gifts, and more} Our Government: The Constitution Raoul Berger, Impeachment of Judges and “Good Behavior” Tenure, 79 Yale L.J. 1475 (1970). Federal Impeachment Introduction To The Federal Court System

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  • 48. Gaslighting Slavery

    In the past 3 years, there has been a significant increase in legislation that gaslights the history of slavery in our country. Since 2021, there has been a deliberate giving of false information about the history of slavery and the current, long-term effects of slavery. Moreover, there is a deliberate denial of how oppressive laws and behaviors that existed during slavery are now being adapted and implemented in the year of 2024.Join this intellectual discussion of slavery and systemic racism from the social scientific understanding and with love for all persons.Hear how progress can be made without blame but with courageous compassion. In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr  #IntelligentConversations #gaslighting #slavery #HB7 #equity #compassion____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr
  • 47. ChatGPT = lazy, less educated, less creativity

    Open AI is the technology research company that created ChatGPT. They claim their mission to be, “advancing A.I. in a way that benefits all of humanity”. However, instead, they market their product to individuals most likely to be lazy, less educated, and with less creativity; And they encourage their app to be used by these individuals in ways that are more harmful than helpful to humanity.  Despite the potential advances this technology app could provide, it is the marketing and misuse of it that is creating a society that is more dishonest, selfish, exploitative, and less creative. Listen-in as I explain. In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr ____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr#ChatGPT #SocialIssues #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #DeepFake #cheating #plagiarism #ethics
  • 46. Is virginity a "social concept"?

    In a January 2024 video by Planned Parenthood, they state that sexual virginity is “complete nonsense”, “whack”, and a “social concept created to control”. Considering over 90% of Planned Parenthood’s services are medical and healthcare related, I share insights on if these statements are scientifically true, how culture influences arousal and foreplay, and if there are psychological consequences to adolescent sexual behaviors.  In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr ____________________________🔗Select Research & Good Reads*  Planned Parenthood video:* [Book]Crooks, R., & Baur, K. (2008). Our sexuality (10th ed.). Pacific Grove, CA: Thomson. [Research Article]Adolescent Sexual Behavior Patterns, Mental Health, and Early Life Adversities in a British Birth Cohort [Research Article]Sexual Behavior and Health From Adolescence to Adulthood: Illustrative Examples of 25 Years of Research From Add Health  *Free library/institution access might be required for some of these publications. ____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr#virginity #psychology #PlannedParenthood
  • 45. Age, Politics & Hypocrisy

    What is the mental strength and cognitive development of Trump versus Biden OR children versus adults? In this episode we discuss the basics of brain development and aging; and the hypocrisy of age in politics. I also give an update on Whole Foods and their use of GMOs. Join me! In Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr  #BrainDevelopment #CognitiveDevelopment #elections #aging #psychology____________________________🔗 GMOs & Whole Foods episode: 🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr
  • 44. film reaction: "The War on Children"

    The new film, The WAR ON CHILDREN, documents the multiple attacks on America's children - from mass gaslighting, to fake science, to legalizing the trafficking of youth with Gender Dysphoria, to sexually exploiting children.Listen-in as I share my reactions to this eye-opening documentary by Robby & Landon Starbuck.*Watch the movie for free this week:**Download the movie: Science & Love,~ Dr. Renee’ Carr____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:        @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:       @DrReneeCarr#WarOnChildren #FilmReaction
  • 43. The Psychology of Romantic Attraction

    What makes someone attracted to you? What makes you more attracted to one type of person more than another type of person? In this episode, we explore the psychology of romantic attraction and how to use this science to recognize a more compatible potential spouse.Learn about:1.   The 8 major traits associated with attraction and attractiveness2.   Male and female differences in attraction3.   Sexual attraction VS romantic attraction4.   How self-esteem influences to whom you are attracted5.   Different traits men and women look for in a long-term partner for marriage6.   The personality type of the "ideal" romantic partner and spouseIn Science & Love, ~ Dr. Renee’ Carr #RomanticAttraction #scienceOFattraction #PsychologyOFlove #attraction #romance #LoveAndAttraction #GenderDifferences #EvolutionaryTheory ____________________________🗣️LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!Instagram:         @PoliticsAndPsychologyFacebook:          @PoliticsAndPsychologyPodcastX / Twitter:        @DrReneeCarr