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  • 5. The end

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  • 4. Burnouts

    Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? You might be facing burnout. In this episode of Poison Honey Podcast, we discuss the causes, symptoms, and effects of burnout on work and personal life. I share my story of being burned out a couple of years ago and why I think it's important to self-care. Discover practical tips and strategies to identify, prevent, and overcome burnout, helping you regain balance, energy, and passion in your life.Support us:
  • 3. Boundaries

    The concept of boundaries is a delicate one. We as human beings strive to find a balance between our need for connections and autonomy, but it can be difficult to do so harmoniously. Creating boundaries that are clear yet respect the individual needs of ourselves and others can positively affect our mental well-being while navigating many aspects and relationships in life. In this episode I talk to Nadia about recent heartbreaks and setting boundaries.Support us:
  • 2. Body Image

    In recent years, we have seen in increase in discussion around our bodies and how our perception thereof impacts our mental health. The image we have of our bodies is shaped early on and is influenced by how we think other perceive us based on messages we internalize. Join Abigail and I, as we discuss our experience with our body image.Support us: Get in touch with Abigail:
  • 1. Identity

    There's so many parts that make up one's identity. In the first episode of season 2, I discuss identity with Aruban artist, Justin Croes. Both of us being from Caribbean islands that have a long history of colonization by the Dutch. Join us in the discourse about the different elements that make up our individual and cultural identity. ⁠Support us: in touch with Justin:
  • The interlude

    Gearing up to launch Poison Honey Season 2. Here is what to expect! Support us:
  • 8. Depression

    Pain and suffering seems like a normal part of being alive. However, it leads to depression and in some cases even suicide. In this episode, I talk to Ana Lennyr about their history with depression. What caused it? How did they overcome it? And what are the ways she is teaching others to heal?Support us: in touch with Ana: