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Mindfulness with Sam

Season 2, Ep. 1

Coming into a new decade we want to know what skills we can learn to help us tackle our hectic lives and keep our monkey minds at bay. For this episode we got in contact with Sam from SammantraUK to discuss how mindfulness can do that, from her professional opinion.

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  • 2. Let's travel 400 years into the past - With Craig

    We're asking complete random and odd questions to our guest to see if we can bring out their more cheerful side!
  • 11. Halloween: Ghost Stories

    BONUS EPISODE: Halloween Special. Sit back, relax and enjoy a mixture of true and fictional ghost stories for your all hallows eve pleasure.
  • 10. Spider talk

    Part 2 - In our last episode of the series we will be following on from last weeks episode. Cheryl is just dying to tell us about a story her friend told her about someone who does something when she goes to bed to prevent a spider mishap? Have a listen and don't forget to subscribe to be one of the first to listen to our podcast each week!
  • 9. Public toilet faux pas and crematorium secrets

    Part 1: In this, somewhat irreverent, episode we're discussing the subjects pretty much every one has had experience with. Public toilet anxieties, how depression and anxiety can leave us feeling disobedient and the secrets behind cremation (sort of)
  • 8. Paddleboarding and weight loss; The start of something new?

    Starting something new can be exceptionally difficult, especially if you're not in the right mindset. In this episode we explore what we've done to better enhance our body and minds and why we decided to put an end to 'putting it off'
  • 7. Data mining, reality TV and is YouTube taking over lives

    With the fast evolvement of technology and the social implications of it, it's no surprise that people with only 20 years difference have polarising views on such things as reality TV, the worth of personal data and online idols. In this episode we're delving into the things that either of us won't understand about how the other gen live or simply choose not to.
  • 6. Family holidays, why they are more stressful than relaxing.

    With the summer holidays starting we are discussing family vacations and why they can be more stressful than relaxing.
  • 5. Personality quizzes, how accurate can they be?

    When Cheryl and I first started the podcast we had hours and hours of audio content that we never really did anything with. With months of planning and trying to get our content out we decided to leave the somewhat unplanned content and perhaps use it at a later date. In this bonus episode we are putting a personality quiz to the test, we should mention that Cheryl absolutely despises these types of quizzes, but what comes out of it is...kinda funny... hopefully!