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ELK, The Guitar Show & Ashdown Guitar Amps

Season 4, Ep. 6

Hello dear listener,

I'll start this week with an apology. When editing this week's episode, I was mortified to find that our recording platform had defaulted to my internal Macbook mic instead of running through all my lovely preamps and mic setup, so apologies for the poor quality of my audio, I feel terrible about it.

The podcast has been running for a decade and I don't think I've ever made that mistake before!

Anyway, this week we have a rather lovely episode for you. Matt is back and we're talking all about our time rehearsing with ELK Live, my trip to Ashdown to check out some valve amps for guitarists, and all the exciting things happening at The Guitar Show this year!

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  • 13. Win the Vintage Pro Shop Listener Built guitar!

    Hello dear listener, This week I'm joined by Matt Knight, and we're going to tell you about how you can win the listener built Vintage Pro Shop guitar! Look out for the competition post on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Patreon.We're also talking about Matt's new gear acquisition... that he didn't even tell me about, and answering some questions from the Guitar Nerds Facebook Group.
  • 12. Nashville, the ENDGAME, and 1960's Gibsons!

    Hello dear listener,This week, I'm joined by the one and only Phillip Carter from The 40 Watt Podcast! We'll be chatting all about the Nashville Guitar Show and all the brilliant vintage instruments that Phillip saw there. We'll also be taking a look at the new KMA Machines ENDGAME - a stereo Doubler with an awful lot of cool features packed in under the hood!
  • 11. Guitar Shows & New Gear!

    Hello dear listener,This week, I'm joined by Matt Knight AND JD Short for some Guitar Show recapping! Plus, we're discussing Matt's new Chapman, JD's new BOSS pedalboard, and why the GT-1000 is an extremely good modelling solution!
  • 10. Stompboxes

    Hello dearest of listeners, This week on Guitar Nerds, I'm joined by The Tone Mob's, Blake Wyland. We'll be discussing a handful of the wonderful pedals that I've been checking out at this year's Stompbox Deli in London.We're also delving deep on two pedals in particular; firstly, the Meris Mercury X, which Blake has been a huge fan of since its release, but I didn't realise just how good it really is until this week.Secondly, we're having another look at the Great eastern FX Co. XO Pedal...still currently unreleased, but Blake has one, and he's having a great time with his, so we thought we'd continue our embargo breaking trend and make some sound samples with one!
  • 9. The Guitar Show 2024 Pt. 2

    Hello dear listener, This week on the podcast, JD and I are running down all his best bits from this year's Birmingham Guitar Show! We'll be discussing Fredric Effects, Thorpy FX, Ritual Devices, and a new, currently unreleased wonderbox from Great Eastern FX Co.
  • 8. The Guitar Show 2024

    Hello dear listener, Welcome to another episode of Guitar Nerds! This week, Matt and I are recounting our escapades from this year's The Guitar Show in Birmingham, UK! We had an amazing time, the show was packed, and there was so much great gear! We're splitting this one into a two parter with the conclusion on next week's episode with JD Short.
  • 7. Downsizing Your Guitar Rig

    Hello dear listener, This week, Matt and I are discussing the art of downsizing one's guitar rig/collection to the essentials! We'll be reviewing the Guitar Nerds Group Facebook Poll to see what ONE guitar you would keep over everything else, and we'll be discussing how Matt can downsize his pedalboard to a selection of essential tones!(On a side note; apologies for any sync issues between Matt's audio and my own this week. We were trialling a new platform that was so bad we had to abandon the video, and I had to spend hours trying to deal with near constant audio glitching and drift. Normal service will resume next week.)
  • 6. Our Favourite Boutique Pedal Builders

    Hello dear listener, This week, Matt Knight is back from his fortnight long hiatus, and we're talking all about our favourite little effects pedal builders and all the wonderful gear that they make! 
  • 5. Amps & Boards

    Hello dear listener, Welcome to this week's episode of the Guitar Nerds Podcast! This week, I'm joined by 40 Watt Podcast's Phillip Carter, marking his return to the podcast for 2024! We'll be discussing his favourite amplifiers from The NAMM Show 2024, as well as my recent hunt for a cool new pedalboard.Our Sound Sample for this week is the Diamond Pedals Tremolo and Bass Compressor, and I think they sound extremely lovely!