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Guitar Nerds Special | Gone Fishing Effects

Hello dear nerds,

This week I've got a little special episode for you featuring the the wonderful Richard Pratt from Gone Fishing Effects!

We'll be talking all about 'Chard's super busy and totally awesome day job as a guitar tech, and his wonderful side hustle building awesome effects for awesome artists!

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  • 26. Kernom Ridge and Moho

    Hello dear listener,Welcome back! We were away for a week, but now we have returned, and Matt and I are discussing Hellfest, The Brighton Guitar Show, and the incredible pedal offerings from Kernom!
  • 25. The Brighton Guitar Show 2024

    Hello dear listener,This week, I am joined by Pedal Patch and Brighton Guitar Show founder, Phil Steere. Phil is a wonderful chap and super human gear enthusiast, and we're going to be talking all about the Brighton Guitar Show and all the wonderful things you can expect to see there if you're planning on attending.If you're not in the UK or don't fancy the show, then fear not, we're mostly just talking about great guitar brands and cool accessories! 
  • 24. Chasing Bliss with Joel Korte

    Hello dear listener,This week, Matt and I are joined by the unstoppable, Joe Korte. The mastermind behind the world's most adventurous and extravagant effects pedals brand, Chase Bliss.Strap in for an hour and a half of incredible stories, little known facts, and a lot of pedal worship! Matt Knight even wrote an ambient track to close this week's episode featuring only Chase Bliss pedals!
  • 23. JD's Big Bass Bangers!

    Hello dear listener,This week, JD is back and we're delving deep into the world of bass guitars, effects and amplification!As many of you regular listeners will be aware, JD has some pretty major heart surgery over the next week. So, we thought we'd do a big fat JD special as he'll be out for a few podcasts until he's properly recovered.Get ready for maximum bass!
  • 22. The Best Gibson Alternatives

    Hello dear listener,This week, I am joined by the wonderful Philip Carter from The 40 Watt Podcast!We're taking on the well trodden topic of the best Gibson alternatives around the globe. We'll be discussing budget offerings from Epiphone and Vintage, mid-priced options from Maybach and Orville, and a few premium offerings as well!
  • 21. Out Of The Ordinary Effects Pedals

    Hello dear listener, This week, Matt and I are taking a look at those effects pedals that slightly defy categorisation. The weird delay, the pitch shifting modulator, the lo-fi tape whats-it, the fuzzy synth combobulator - we'll be playing a few sound samples and discussing which ones we think you should add to your collection!
  • 20. The BOSS Katana Gen3!

    Hello dear listener,This week, Matt Knight and I are deep diving and live demoing the new Gen3 BOSS Katana 50! We'll be talking about the origins of this wonderful amplifier, and Matt will be letting us know a few behind the curtain facts about its creation!
  • 19. Finally, Some Exciting New Guitar Gear!

    Hello dear listener,This week Matt is back! And we're discussing all the wonderful new releases from the last couple of weeks, including the Chase Bliss Outward, and the slew of new Beach Boys gear from JHS, Kelley and Benson.