If you're an LGBTQIA+ woman or non-binary person, this is your favourite fortnightly podcast.

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Bringing you fortnightly interviews, magazine chat and plenty of queer joy! One gorgeous glossy in your ear.

Hosted by The L Word actress Rachel Shelley (aka Helena Peabody).

And DIVA magazine Editor in Chief, the right royal Roxy Bourdillon.

Queers for your Ears.

Rachel Shelley

Rachel Shelley is probably best known for playing The L Word's iconic British heiress Helena Peabody for 5 years. As well as Brooke in the web series Different For Girls, Elizabeth in the Bollywood Oscar nominated movie Lagaan and Elliot in FOX's Deep State. Now also a professional Radio Producer and Editor, having made a wealth of radio features, radio documentaries, founded two smash hit podcasts... Rachel can generally be found floating merrily in a sea of queer joy.