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Plenty Questions

Episode 92

Season 1, Ep. 92

'92 was the queen’s Annus Horribilis (until now) – but Lucy was having an absolutely brilliant time. It was the year Nirvana played Reading. (Although she doesn’t think she actually saw them. She thinks she may have favoured Ned’s Atomic Dustbin or some other shit.)

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  • 100. It's Episode ONE HUNDRED

    One hundred! A ton!Here's your chance to SHOUT A HUNDRETH TIME.
  • 99. Episode 99

    99 was the name of a Japanese double act known for their TV game-show Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! One round starts thus:"The members are seated on motorcycles, arranged in a circle on a rotating platform. The first player starts the game with the onomatopoeia of an engine revving”.SHOUT your etc and TWEET your etc.
  • 98. Episode 98

    There's not a lot to say about the number 98. Apparently, 98 Degrees was a big pop act, but neither of us has heard of it.Still, never mind. SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 97. Episode 97

    97 is the age at which Leon Theremin, the inventor of the Theremin (did you guess?) died in 1993. SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 96. Episode96

    Number 96 was an Australian soap opera that ran for 1,218 episodes in the 1970s. THAT'S ENOUGH NUMBERS NOW THANKS.SHOUT your answers and TWEET your scores to @plentyquestionz.
  • 95. Episode 95

    95: a bus route that might take you from Southall to Shepherd’s Bush, from Anstruther Harbour to St Andrews – or from Colne to Burnley via Birtwistle Avenue, depending on which one you catch. BUS BINGO.SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 94. Episode 94 (The Quite Tricky One)

    94 is the number of Haydn’s Surprise Symphony. He wrote 106 of them. A compulsive symphonist was old Joe. Some of the questions in this episode are surprisingly hard. SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 93. Episode 93

    Fun* fact: 93 is the number of the French department Seine-Saint-Denis, which has produced many rap and grime artists, making it very much the French equivalent of Thornton Heath, where Lucy lived in (SPOOKY MUSIC)... 1993.SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.*T&Cs apply