Plenty Questions

Justin Edwards and Lucy Porter ask plenty (twenty) questions to which you can SHOUT the answers.

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  • 99. Episode 99

    99 was the name of a Japanese double act known for their TV game-show Mecha-Mecha Iketeru! One round starts thus:"The members are seated on motorcycles, arranged in a circle on a rotating platform. The first player starts the game with the onomatopoeia of an engine revving”.SHOUT your etc and TWEET your etc.
  • 98. Episode 98

    There's not a lot to say about the number 98. Apparently, 98 Degrees was a big pop act, but neither of us has heard of it.Still, never mind. SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 97. Episode 97

    97 is the age at which Leon Theremin, the inventor of the Theremin (did you guess?) died in 1993. SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 96. Episode96

    Number 96 was an Australian soap opera that ran for 1,218 episodes in the 1970s. THAT'S ENOUGH NUMBERS NOW THANKS.SHOUT your answers and TWEET your scores to @plentyquestionz.
  • 95. Episode 95

    95: a bus route that might take you from Southall to Shepherd’s Bush, from Anstruther Harbour to St Andrews – or from Colne to Burnley via Birtwistle Avenue, depending on which one you catch. BUS BINGO.SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.
  • 94. Episode 94 (The Quite Tricky One)

    94 is the number of Haydn’s Surprise Symphony. He wrote 106 of them. A compulsive symphonist was old Joe. Some of the questions in this episode are surprisingly hard. SHOUT your answers and TWEET your score to @plentyquestionz.