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The Socratic Method for Business in the 21st Century

In this episode of Interlinks we talk to Brian McGeough, Managing Director at McGeough Training Limited.

Brian is a development specialist, an accredited mediator and programme facilitator who specialises in the Dialectic (Socratic) method with over 27 years of experience. His firm, McGeough Training Limited, is a boutique training and development consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland.

What is unique about Brian’s approach to his work is that it is founded on the conviction that human development is a philosophical enterprise and as he says “The Socratic method respects the in-built capacity of each individual to overcome their limits by means of their own intellect thus helping them to become more fearless and self-directing.”

In this conversation Brian explains how the concepts and ideas of classical philosophy can find practical and pragmatic application in the rough and tumble of today's business world to help people and organisation realise their full potential.

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