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The Machine that Changed Retail

In this episode, my colleagues from the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC), David Ogilvie from David Ogilvie Associates, in Brisbane, Australia and Diane Garcia from Lorraine Consulting in Portland, Oregon in the United States join me in a conversation with Professor Sanchoy Das, professor of Mechaniucal and Industrial Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology to discuss some of the key concepts from his book Fast Fulfillment: The Machine that Changed Retail.

This is a very timely and apposite publication given the way e-commerce has exploded across the world as retailers have sought ways to adapt to the challenges posed by COVID including store closures, limited capacity, staff shortages, social distancing and myriad other restrictions.

In his book, Professor Das goes far beyond the the superficial commentary about e-commerce growth and future projections and digs deep into the concepts, tools and capabilities that retailers will need to master if they want to build a fulfillment machine that will enable them to be truly successful in the e-commerce business.

Ever heard of S-Fulfillment and O-Fulfillment, the E-Commerce Transfer Function, Alpha, Sigma and Gamma Automation, and Brownian Flow? If not, tune in and find out how understanding these concepts are key to success in e-commerce fulfillment.

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