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The 9 Don'ts of Corporate Innovation

In this episode we talk to Bruno Pesec, engineer, innovator and businessman. Bruno is president of Pesec Global, a business consultancy specializing in helping business leaders increase the returns on their investments in innovation, based in Oslo, Norway.

This is the second time that Bruno has been on Interlinks with us and I have asked him back on this occasion because he has just produced a new e-book called the 9 Big Don’ts of Corporate Innovation: How to Spot and Avoid Costly Innovation Mistakes that I think is timely given where we are in the world at this moment in time having lived through over a year of COVID-19.

During this time, many of us have been compelled to innovate to cope with the restrictions imposed on us by the pandemic, whether in our personal, social or professional lives .

Perhaps unexpectedly, some of us, I think, are realizing, that much of this innovation, although forced by emergency circumstances, will be very positive and stay with us for the long term. Many of us have also realized that we are quite resilient and have a capacity to absorb innovation and change that we did not suspect.

Consequently, we are asking ourselves – what other opportunities for innovation are there that we can initiate now without the need to be forced, and how can we do this in the most effective way?

That is what we explore with Bruno in this interview.

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