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Fast Fulfillment: The Machine that Changed Retailing

In this episode we talk to to Sanchoy Das, Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in the US and author of the book Fast Fulfillment: The Machine that Changed Retailing.

This is an extremely timely publication, given the way so many businesses around the world have had to embrace online retail to survive and thrive through the period of the COVID pandemic. Indeed, many have made a virtue out of the necessity that has fueled new thinking and new strategies among retailers regarding the place of online retail in their business models as they realise that it is very different in an operation and commercial sense from what they have been accustomed to up to now.

Sanchoy's book is fascinating and takes a detailed look at the paradigm shift ongoing in retail logistics focusing on the very necessary condition of speed and how this can be achieved through physical and digital innovation. If you want to learn how, in a practical operational way, to build a fast fulfillment machine for your own business, then this book by Sanchoy Das is a must-read for you.

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