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Digital Supply Chain Solutions in Warehousing and Distribution

In this episode we talk to Bernard Hor, Founder and Group CEO of the Hatio Group, who joins us from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The Hatio Group is a technology business founded in South Korea specialising in digital solutions for warehousing & network distribution management.

Since 2012, Hatio has a proven track record of envisioning and delivering major transformational change, cost reduction and operational improvement programs.

At Hatio, Bernard leads a strong team of software engineers, project managers, and designers on large scale digital transformation projects in the telecommunications, healthcare, supply chain & logistics industry.

In this conversation we chat about Bernard's career and the founding of a technology start-up providing digital solutions to a traditional sector of the bricks-and-mortar economy, how the business has developed since its inception, what the future holds and what Bernard likes to do when immersed in his work.

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