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Choosing a Career in Supply Chain

In this episode we talk to Megan Yeates, an inspirational young female professional who has selected supply chain as her career choice and in so doing has become an advocate for the supply chain profession in general and for the role of females within the profession.

Megan was the inaugural Gold medal Winner at WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia in August 2019 for freight forwarding on the logistics stream of that competition which brought together over 1,300 Competitors from more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

At the WorldSkills competition, young people from all corners of the globe gather together for the chance to win a prestigious medal in their chosen skill.

Megan Graduated with First Class Honours in my B.Sc (Hons) Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degree from Technology University Dublin and is finishing her Masters in Strategic Management  also at T.U.D. 

I think you will find this chat inspirational whether you are a experienced professional in supply chai, new to the profession or considering undergraduate studies in the subject area.

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Inflation Busting Strategies

In this episode of Interlinks my colleagues from the SAC Supply Chain Special Interest Group and I discuss some inflation busting strategies that businesses can undertake quickly and effectively to work through current challenges while staying on track for the longer-term future.This conversation arose after I was struck recently while listening to the Irish economist, David McWilliams, on his own podcast, when he said something along the lines of that the bottlenecks and queues that we have been seeing at airports around Europe this summer are a physical manifestation of inflation.In essence, he was saying that when demand outstrips capacity like this, we get shortages, bottlenecks, falling productivity and rising prices - in effect, the queues are, as McWilliams suggested, the physical manifestation of inflation.Consequently, looking at things from a logistics operations point of view, as we would as supply chain professionals, I figured that looking for opportunities to remove bottlenecks and improve productivity is going to be a great way for companies to combat and beat inflation over time.From my own consultancy work with clients across manufacturing, distribution and logistics services, I know that I have yet to meet a company that couldn’t identify in half an hour myriad opportunities to unblock bottlenecks and improve productivity in their processes and operations.I figured also that those companies that could do this more successfully than their competitors at a time of high inflation have a great opportunity to gain two types of advantage. On the one hand, if prices are rising in their sector they may opt to rise prices also and increase their margin or, on the other hand, they may aim to keep their prices more competitive and gain market share or indeed a bit of both.Therefore, for those companies that understand the concept in physical and operational terms, rather than some abstract and mysterious force from without – this bout of inflation might in reality be a golden opportunity.Discussing this topic with me on this episode are my colleagues from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting Lisa Anderson, President of LMA Consulting in Los Angeles in California and Antonio Zrilic, president of Logiko Consulting in Zagreb, Croatia.