Patented: History of Inventions



Ep. 70

***Real life inventor alert*** We speak to Rick Priestley the co-creator of the weird world of Warhammer where valiant humans, noble elves, savage orcs and a variety of monstrous creatures battle eternally. How on earth do you invent something like this?

If you have no idea what Warhammer is then don't worry; neither did Dallas before this! In his chat with Rick, Dallas tries to work out where Warhammer came from and how you invent a fantasy world that people will actually believe in. Whether that's Warhammer or Narnia or Hogwarts or [insert favourite fantasy world here]. Any of the fantasy worlds that millions of us love to lose ourselves in.

Buckle on your shields and swords at the ready as we embark on one of our stranger adventures in the history of invention.

Produced by Freddy Chick. Edited by Anisha Deva. Executive Producer is Charlotte Long.

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