Parks And Wrecked

Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and almost everything in between.

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    We went to the Epcot International Flower And Garden Festival for 2023 back in March and now you get to hear about it! Chris and Yany break down everything to see, do and what to eat with the Best, the Rest and the Messed of the Fest!
  • 19. Parks And Wrecked - 19

    With Universal Islands Of Adventures Lost Continent already looking a little sparse we take a first and last look the the Poseidon's Fury walk through attraction as it prepares to close forever.
  • 18. Parks And Wrecked - 18

    Chris and Yany travelled up to Buffalo last week and on the trip recorded a special crossover episode with Bagged And Bored John and Paul. We get the whole gang together to discuss their Walt Disney World and Universal Studios "Must Do's", the attractions, shows, treats and eats from all of the theme parks.This is just an abridged episode and if you want to hear the full experience including a look at comics and craft beer make sure to check out Bagged And Bored #521.
  • 17. Parks And Wrecked - 17

    After a little bit away (there's so many festivals to eat at, can you blame us?), we';ve returned to finally breakdown our thoughts on the newest ride to Walt Disney World: Tron Lightcycle Run.This longtime and eagerly anticipated rind is scheduled to open next month and we answer the big question: is it worth the wait?
  • 16. Parks And Wrecked - 16

    After eating our way around Universal Studios Mardi Gras, we're here to give you our full festival review! We break down the food with our Best/Messed/Rest of the Fest and everything else!
  • 15. Parks And Wrecked - 15

    We went (and went back) to the annual Epcot Festival of the Arts to sample as much as we could and now we're here to bring you our final thoughts on this inspiring festival. Listen in as we go over everything to see and do and then what to eat with our Best, Messed and Rest of the Fest reviews!Let us know what you enjoyed about the festival on any of our social pages or by emailing us at!
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    The Fab Five makes it's glorious return! A throwback from the first season of Parks And Wrecked returns with Chris and Yany building a Top 10 list of favorites, this time taking a look a craft beer you can only get at the theme parks!Which of these is you favorite? Let us know at or on the posts for this show!
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    Chris and Yany are back, this time to take a first and sadly last look at Universal Studios KidZone. With it's pending closing within the next month we break down whats safe and what's not from closure and what we enjoyed about our brief time experiencing this corner of Universal Studios.How do you feel about KidZone? Will you miss it or do you celebrate it's end? Let us know at or on any of the social media posts for this episode, and we'll see you next time!
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    It's been a minute since the last episode and the reason for delay is the same thing we're celebrating today: enjoying the Holidays around Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando!We talk about Thanksgiving at a resort, and how the parks gear up and make the holidays come to life and finally answer the question: who does Christmas best?Thank you so much for listening and let us know your thoughts on any of the social media posts for this episode or by emailing us at!