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Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and almost everything in between.

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  • 35. Parks And Wrecked - 35

    Chris and Yany sit down to talk about the next land in Universal's Epic Universe: Dark Universe! We scare up the details and our thoughts on this, our most anticipated world!

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  • 34. Parks And Wrecked - 34

    Chris sits down with Paul from over at Bagged And Bored Cast to chat about Epic Universe's Super Nintendo World. We break down everything outlined to see and do and ask the question: how will people that don't live locally visit this World at Universal Studios soon to open third theme park.
  • 33. Parks And Wrecked - 33

    After a little sabbatical we're back! With more news coming out about Universal Studios Epic Universe opening next year, we're going to start taking a look at each of the themed lands as we approach the opening.Kicking off with How To Train Your Dragon: Isle Of Berk, we discuss everything announced to see, do and most importantly: eat!
  • 32. Parks And Wrecked - 32

    It's been a minute since we've recorded an episode (blame HHN withdrawl) but that doesn't mean we don't still talk about theme parks! In this impromptu episode, Chris and Paul (from Bagged And Bored) talk about Paul's upcoming trip to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Is this filler while we plan out the next episode? Maybe, but it's still a fun discussion. So listen in and let us know how you'd plan your shorty trip on any of the social media posts for this episode or by emailing us at!
  • 31. Parks And Wrecked - 31

    As Halloween Horror Nights 32 starts to wind down we still have things to talk about! This past week we were able to experience the Behind The Screams: Unmasking The Horror 6 House Tour as well as a bunch of the other ancillary HHN experiences, so listen in as we talk about what's worth your time (and money)?
  • 30. Parks And Wrecked - 30

    Make way! Make way! There's a new freshly opened attraction to visit at Epcot in Walt Disney World and we go to visit it early! Follow along as we take you on the Journey Of Water!
  • 29. Parks And Wrecked - 29

    This is the big one! We break down our lists of the all of the Houses at this years Halloween Horror Nights! We go from the bottom to the top to let you know what we loved and maybe didn't about this years 10 house offerings.So tune in and let us know your top house lists on any of our socials or by emailing us at