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  • 2. Family

    Two families are created under the most exceptional circumstances. Two lawyers create a contract to have a baby, and a single mum tracks down - and marries! - her anonymous sperm donor.Enmeshed - Molly & Lisa Kauffman‘How I Met Your Father’ - Aminah Hart (2016) Molly Kauffman’s TikTok @molly.kauffmanHosted by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production

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  • 3. Sex

    Sex in parenthood goes through many transformations. A mother-daughter duo hit the big time on OnlyFans, and a loving husband struggles with his libido during IVF.Read more about ‘Inferto Sex Sydrome’ here.Check out Tiahnee’s Only Fans page here.Check out Evie’s Only Fans page here.Hosted by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production
  • 4. Identity

    Everyone changes during pregnancy, and not just physically. We meet a mother with cerebral palsy whose perfect pregnancy gave her a sense of strength and capability. Then in story two, an Aboriginal midwife discovers her family roots. Hosted by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production
  • 5. Body Image

    Your body image is rocked in parenthood. We explore this topic with a transgender man who loves pregnancy but faces a battle to be legally recognised as a dad. In story two, we meet a mum who battles an old eating disorder, followed by a beauty clinic owner who becomes the unsuspecting centre of a body image confessional.‘Plenty: A Memoir of Food and Family” by Hannah Howard, buy it here: by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production
  • 6. Loss

    Losing a child is every parents worst fear, but it is something you WILL survive. A mother aborts her child with loving ceremony -- and shares it online, and another mum fights to keep her pregnancy after discovering a devastating illness.Hosted by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production
  • 7. Dads

    A deep dive into the fatherhood experience. One dad tells all about his struggle with addiction and how fatherhood changed him. Then, Ryder Jack of TomorrowMan hosts a roundtable with three dads of different generations to discuss their learnings and surprises.Find out more about TomorrowMan here: Tomorrow ManHear Robbie’s music here: R.F Coleman: I Couldn't TrustHosted by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production
  • 8. Infidelity

    Raising kids can affect how we feel about our partners and our relationships. We explore this issue with an Australian mum who lives with her partner and her boyfriend. And a woman in the UK reveals how she discovered her husband had a secret wife. Read more about Yve Gibney's story of betrayal and buy her book at yvegibney.comTamica Wilder is the leading sexologist for Mums who want to reconnect with their sensuality, joy and pleasure. Instagram: @theorgasmicmama. Website : theorgasmicmama.comHosted by Maggie KellyA Superreal Production