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  • 5. Product Marketing for MedTech w/Marnie Hayutin

    Marnie Hayutin, founder of Writing.Health, returns to share tips for marketing messaging that work for medtech. Join Marnie, host Michael Roberts, and Ashley Hohensee from P3 as they discuss how to highlight features and benefits of a medtech product without overwhelming people. Visit HC.Show for more on this show and to sign up for email notifications of new episodes. Resources: The Marketing PyramidFinding Your Content Sweet Spot w/Marnie Hayutin

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  • 4. Developing Tech That Doctors Will Actually Use w/Justin Bantuelle

    Justin Bantuelle, Chief Operating Offier at Health Connective, joins host Michael Roberts to discuss why doctors resist adopting new technologies and what developers can do to address those concerns. Sometimes new tools and devices don't offer any real improvement over what's currently available, and sometimes a proposed solution doesn't make a doctor's workflow any easier.Visit HC.Show for more on this show and to sign up for email notifications of new episodes.Resources:Canary MedicalPristine Surgical
  • 3. Increasing Speed to Market For MedTech Startups w/Bold Type

    Medtech startups tend to underestimate the balance that's needed across three key factors of development: cybersecurity, usability, and software architecture. Host Michael Roberts welcomes Health Connective's Justin Bantuelle and Bold Type's Jose Bohorquez, Mohamad Foustok, and Andres Echeverry to dive deep on increasing speed to market. Visit HC.Show for more on this show and to sign up for email notifications of new episodes. Visit Bold Type for more about medtech product development, and check out their blog.
  • 2. Navigating New HIPAA Compliance For Your Website w/Scott Zeitzer & Ashley Hohensee

    There has been a big shift in what a HIPAA-compliant website looks like when it comes to analytics and tracking information. It can be challenging for practices to navigate their options. Join Scott Zeitzer and Ashley Hohensee from P3 and host Michael Roberts as they walk us through their own journey to find a new analytics solution and their recommendations for practices. Visit HC.Show for more on this show and to sign up for email notifications of new episodes.Visit P3 Practice Marketing for more about how orthopedic, spine, and neurology practices can expand their reach. 
  • 1. Finding Your Content Sweet Spot w/Marnie Hayutin

    Healthcare and medical brands can easily dilute their brand voice if they don't approach their content strategy with intention. Join Marnie Hayutin, Founder of Writing.Health, and host Michael Roberts as they discuss best practices for finding the best voice for your brand and sticking with it. Visit HC.Show for more on this show and to sign up for email notifications of new episodes.
  • 110. Our Top Advice for Online Marketing in Healthcare (#110)

    This is the final episode of Paradigm Shift of Healthcare. Throughout this podcast series, we’ve shared a lot of advice on healthcare marketing, particularly in the online space. For our final episode, we wanted to share our top advice on online marketing for individual providers and small practices, larger medical organizations, and medtech companies.
  • 109. How Practices are Facing the Ongoing Reality of COVID (#109)

    As we look ahead to the new year, COVID is still very much a reality. However, vaccinations and changes in processes have allowed for more flexibility with practice operations, providing patient care, and attending conferences. In this episode, we’ll discuss what practices are doing now as compared to a year ago, and our plans for the year ahead as in-person conferences open back up.