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Damien – What I was looking for in gangs

Season 1, Ep. 10

For a lot of us who get lost in the world, and aren’t loved as much as we think we should be loved, or aren’t cared for, we tend to find that other thing to fill that space. For me it was joining a gang..— Damien

Paperback Guerrillas Whānau exclusive: my favourite taonga (treasured idea) from this kōrero was a complete reframing of the way I've been thinking about Destiny's Church at a societal vs individual impact level. You can read it here.

This episode is a bit different in that we spend a bit more time talking about how my mate Damien found himself on a path in which he wasn't thriving, and somewhere that in hindsight, he didn't want to be. We talk about how he ended up doing 7 stints in jail, joining gangs, and living a life of violence.

If you don't know what this looks or feels like, please listen.

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Tipene Harmer - tūpuna (ancestor) driven (#13)

Ep. 13
“You’re either growing or you’re shrinking. We’re like plants, none of us stays the same. We’re living things. We’re either going this way to higher things or back this way, to death.” — Tipene HarmerTipene Harmer is a rapper, a kaiako (teacher) of mātauranga Māori, and an all-around awesome dude.Patreon whānau exclusive: my favourite tāonta from this kōrero was around decision making. I wrote about how I've been working on mine here.We spend the first chunk of the interview talking/geeking-out about Aotearoa hip-hop and the connection to te ao Māori and American culture, then we move onto our standard (delicious) fare of kai, how he got to the position of living a life he loves, what could have stopped him, his new album Heritage Trail, and a whole lot more.As well as the above, here are a few of the taonga (treasures) Tipene shares:The best advice he got from Scribe.The purpose and motivation behind his latest album. The motivation behind his first mixtape and forays into rap.Getting out of our own way.The power of decision making and the influences on those decisions. The hard way, and the hard way and how The strength we get from connection.The power of music and kotahitanga (bringing together). What he’s learned from the rangatahi he works with as a teacher.His song-writing process and how he used his song Turangawaewae to teach tīkanga marae to his students.How rap encouraged him to read.Hit subscribe in your podcast app if you want to hear more.Enjoyed the episode? Help us record more: If you want to help us share these conversations for positive change, please help by donating here: and mentionsDam NativeTakitimu bookQuestion: what was your favourite quote or lesson from this episode? Comment below and let us know!Support the show (