Paint the Town Dead


Episode 66: Larry Porter Chism

Ep. 66

We're back and late again! Was it Caitlin's fault yet again? No, but let's pretend it was because Andrew is the one writing this. Regardless, we've got a heck of a story for you this week. Larry Porter Chism threw away a shot at a nice career in law by also being into the illegal drug trade. Chism would be arrested and sentenced to 40 years in prison, but his story didn't end there. He and other prisoners were taken out for a bowling field trip for good behavior only to use this as an opportunity to escape! It only gets crazier from there.

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We talk about John Williams, Caitlin thinks she hates sitcoms, and Andrew accuses her of being an agent of the Sith. There's some talk about ear licking ASMR (no worries, no actual ASMR occurs in this show) and the weirdness of Twitch.





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