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Paint the Town Dead

Episode 82: William Harvey Bruce

Ep. 82

This week we go all the way back to the 1800's, with the story of William Harvey Bruce, a Confederate veteran of the Civil War and moonshiner who ran into trouble with the law.

Afterwards, we continue quizzing Caitlin, this time with the Prisoner of Azkaban. Andrew isn't thrilled with Boba Fett but loves Peacemaker and Youtube. Caitlin watches Eternals and is meh on Archive 81.





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  • 88. Episode 88: Dual Duels - Scott vs. Selden, Conway vs. Crittenden

    This week we talk about some duels from early in Arkansas' American history. First up is Andrew Scott and Joseph Selden, two judges appointed to the state's Superior Court at the beginning of the territory's creation, who feuded after an incident during a card game. Then we have Henry Wharton Conway and Robert Crittenden, former political allies, turned bitter rivals.Afterwards we talk about Moon Knight, Northman, and more!
  • 87. Episode 87: Joe Lee Richards Jr

    Army vet, Joe Lee Richards Jr. is reported missing October 20, 2010. His truck is found, keys in the ignition along with other valuables still in the vehicle. In November, an anonymous tip is received, seemingly providing a break in the case. What is soon revealed goes well beyond Joe Lee Richards Jr, exposing a darker history. Afterwards, Andrew is catching up on Marvel films and providing big ideas for Caitlin's Easter. Caitlin gets her annual sunburn and listens to an Irish book that's probably about people with a similar propensity for sunburns and more!Twitter:
  • 86. Episode 86: Lavinda Counce

    In the small, northeastern Arkansas town of Bay, 90-year-old Lavinda Counce has not answered calls from her daughter. Lavinda's daughter arrives to the home, where Lavinda's vehicle is missing, along with Lavinda herself. A black bag is found in the home with strange items. A frantic search begins. Afterwards, we reach the finale of Harry Potter trivia with Caitlin.More importantly, Andrew learns that beeves is the plural of beef.Twitter: PTTDPod@gmail.com
  • 85. Episode 85: Ray and Faye Copeland

    This week Caitlin tells us about Ray and Faye Copeland. Mostly Ray, who was something of a flimflamming con of a man. His family moved a lot during the Great Depression, and he made his way through life thieving, starting first with his own father's farm animals, then moving up to more and more elaborate schemes. It's been TWO YEARS of Paint the Town Dead! We talk a little about past episodes, Andrew gets in some wrestling talk despite everybody's wishes, and Caitlin loves Irish music and Kansas City!Twitter: PTTDPod@gmail.com
  • 84. Episode 84: Barry Lee Fairchild

    Marjorie "Greta" Mason was 22-year-old nurse at the Little Rock Air Force Base. In 1983, about two weeks after moving to Arkansas she was found murdered in Lonoke County. Eventually, the police locked in on Barry Lee Fairchild as the killer. While Fairchild confessed to the crime, it wasn't as open and shut of a case as one might expect. Afterwards we've got more Harry Potter quizzing for Caitlin, this time from the Order of the Phoenix. Andrew thinks you should all watch Murderville on Netflix.
  • 83. Episode 83: Tri-State Adoption Scheme

    After (another) short absence, we have returned! This week, Caitlin tells us about an illegal adoption scheme, featuring international human trafficking. We then continue to grill Caitlin on her Harry Potter knowledge and she dorks out about her time in DND. Andrew isn't a fan of Boba Fett, but falls madly in love with Pokemon all over again.Twitter: PTTDPod@gmail.com
  • 81. Episode 81: Delvin "Buckii" Meadows

    Delvin "Buckii" Meadows worked multiple jobs to support his family, in part because his mother had died nine months before. Buckii was known as a mama's boy and dreamed of being famous rapper, uploading his own music videos. In April of 2017 he was killed in Blytheville, Arkansas. Caitlin recounts to story of what happened and who did it. Afterwards, we continue to grill Caitlin on her Harry Potter knowledge and more. Twitter:
  • 80. Episode 80: James Alexander Cary

    Andrew tells us the story of James Alexander Cary, who served in the first World War before becoming a ranger with the National Park Service stationed in Hot Springs during Prohibition. Cary spent most of his time tracking down bootleggers and their liquor stashes in the mountains. In 1926, Cary arrested three men illegally transporting booze, one of whom threatened Cary, telling him that he would never be able to testify against the bootleggers. Afterwards we test Caitlin's Harry Potter trivia and it seems really difficult unlike that easy Star Wars quiz Andrew was given. Twitter: PTTDPod@gmail.com