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Meredith Boyd: Pageant Makeup Expert

One of the most important aspects in building your brand as a titleholder is finding your look. This look is part of who you are as a contestant whether you are onstage, volunteering or in the interview room. In addition to finding an amazing outfit, one of the most important aspects of your look as a queen is your makeup. Makeup is a way for contestants to enhance their natural beauty and define their style.

We talk a lot about interview skills and presentation abilities, but the reality of the pageant industry is that much of your scoring is based on a polished appearance. 

No one knows this better than Meredith Boyd. Born Meredith Moser, she is an award winning makeup artist specializing in natural makeup looks for corporations and celebrities nationwide with over 20 years of experience.

She is another that has found herself on Pageant Planet’s Best Pageant Makeup Artists over the years.

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Corrin Stellakis: Earth USA, Teen USA, Work Ethic

Corrin Stellakis grew up in a very small town called Bridgeport on a family owned horse farm. If you think having pets teaches children about responsibility at a young age, you can multiply that amount by 10 when it comes to taking care of animals on a farm.She grew up mucking stalls, cleaning water buckets, and riding horses daily. Her and her mother began an after-school horse program called “A Horse of Course”. There were lessons and programs for kids available, and Corrin loved sharing her passion for horses to other young souls. At the age of 12 she joined an interscholastic equestrian team and was able to compete all over the United States.Corrin also had a very unique experience when it came to siblings since her family was involved in a foster care program for about four years. Corrin Stellakis had two biological brothers and about 17 foster brothers and sisters growing up that her family opened up their home for. This was a great learning experience due to the responsibility it taught her and helped her grow up quickly through changing diapers to helping kids on heart monitors.She attended Chittenango Highschool where she played varsity volleyball. Something she learned through playing a team-based sport was how to win together, and how to lose together. Corrin also always felt that her team was winners because of the character they showed on the court. They would leave their blood, sweat, and tears just to ensure they gave it their all.High school was a pivotal moment in Corrin’s pageant career as well. Her school was home of L Frank Baum, the author of the ‘Wonderful Wizard of Oz’. In 2012, Corrin won the Miss Jr. Oz title, which was enough experience in itself to propel her to compete at Miss New York Teen USA 2014.To learn more about Corrin Stellakis listen to this week’s podcast.Additional Resources:Interested in competing? Check out Miss Earth USA!Need earrings, shoes or a dress for your next pageant? Shop Pageant Planet.Want daily training for us for free? Click here to sign up for Pageant Daily.

Alyssa Klinzing: Chasing Dreams

Alyssa Klinzing is a seasoned pageant contestant and queen, and she is one of those girls you will always get excited to see on stage. Alyssa has competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant, Miss Kansas’s Outstanding Teen, Teen Miss Earth United States, Miss California USA, Miss Kansas USA, and at Miss USA 2019.In 1997, Alyssa was born and raised in Modesto California. She lived in Northern California, then Long Beach, and then Boston before moving to Kansas. She attended Olathe North High School in Kansas. Alyssa’s natural beauty queen abilities were evident in high school. She was crowned the Homecoming Princess representing the class of 2016.She began her pageant journey in 2012 and is still planning on competing in the near future!Alyssa is a professional model with a degree in political science. She wow-ed the audience at Miss USA 2019 with her beauty and brains. She emphasizes how important it is for women to be represented in politics.Like many of the best, Alyssa has a great deal of volunteer service under her sparkly rhinestone pageant belt. She has advocated against bullying, domestic violence, and continuously promotes environmentally friendly initiatives as well as volunteerism through Girl Scouts.She has many unique qualities and talents including playing the Violin, she knows American Sign Language and Signing Exact English.To learn more about Alyssa Klinzing listen to this week’s podcast.Additional Resources:Need a dress for your next pageant? Click Pageant Dresses to start shopping.Want daily training for us for free? Click here to sign up for Pageant Daily.