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Meredith Boyd: Pageant Makeup Expert

One of the most important aspects in building your brand as a titleholder is finding your look. This look is part of who you are as a contestant whether you are onstage, volunteering or in the interview room. In addition to finding an amazing outfit, one of the most important aspects of your look as a queen is your makeup. Makeup is a way for contestants to enhance their natural beauty and define their style.

We talk a lot about interview skills and presentation abilities, but the reality of the pageant industry is that much of your scoring is based on a polished appearance. 

No one knows this better than Meredith Boyd. Born Meredith Moser, she is an award winning makeup artist specializing in natural makeup looks for corporations and celebrities nationwide with over 20 years of experience.

She is another that has found herself on Pageant Planet’s Best Pageant Makeup Artists over the years.

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