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Stefanie Preissner: Anxiety, Autism and More

Season 11, Ep. 9

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Join me and Stefanie Preissner as we discuss everything from her autism diagnosis, her anxiety post partum, her journey to becoming a mother and the fear of saying the wrong thing.

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  • 3. 'How holding my breath taught me to live': how this free diver manages anxiety

    Sign up to Owning It: Real Time HERE. Subscribe to my brand new Substack HERE. This week I am joined by Claire Walsh, bestselling author and free diver. Having watched The Deepest Breath on Netflix, I realised how much we can differ when it comes to finding the thing that helps to downregulate our stress response. For many people, the idea of plunging down into the darkest depths of the sea, in one single breath, without all the breathing paraphernalia would be enough to send them into a state of panic. It is certainly not for everyone and it requires major training and experience and it's high risk but for those who describe themselves as free divers, this activity can be how they manage their stress and anxiety. Here, Irish free diver Claire tells her story and what she's learned from holding her breath in the water which she can apply to her life on dry land. PS: I've recently launched a substack where I'm sharing a weekly column. Anxiety will be a regular theme but there'll also be discussions about parenting and work and relationships, such as how I've managed to build a reliable revenue stream from podcasting. You can sign up at Some content is free to read but you can pay the price of a fancy coffee per month to read the juicier stuff. For now, enjoy this episode. Buy Claire's book HERE.
  • 2. Anxiety advice from a 102 year old

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HERE. For this episode I am joined by the most incredibly inspiring woman, I was just hanging on her every word. her name is Gladys McGarey, she is 102 years old, she recently published a book called The Well Lived Life and she has quite the story to tell. We talk about anxiety today versus what she knew of it when she was starting out as a physician, her own experience of anxiety through her separation (after 46 years of marriage and six kids!), carving out a space for herself in a male dominated profession, being judged by other women and being taken seriously as a doctor. She shares a lot of sage advice about getting older and she's just a wonderful storyteller. The story about Mahatma Gandhi is one of my favourites from our chat. I hope you'll enjoy this chat and take something from it, I know I did.
  • 1. Why your anxiety is so physical + how to get rid of social anxiety for good

    I can't write a title long enough to capture all that's in this episode but it is a banger. It is probably one of the most helpful ones I've ever recorded. It's practical, it's back to basics to some degrees and while I set out to talk with an expert about the physical manifestations about anxiety and how to manage those, such as understanding depersonalisation for example, the conversation really wound up being a very essential grounding for understanding the anxiety we experience and then, of course, it's jam packed with really smart and sensible ways to get on top of that anxiety. It's with Dr Harry Barry who I've had on twice before. He's always one of my most listened to guests. He has a new book out, The Power of Connection, which he'll discuss. He also shares what he believes is a surefire way to cure yourself of all social anxiety. The first 15 minutes are dedicated to social anxiety. As an essential add on to this episode, and for a real time way to practice the flooding technique he discusses, I really advise you sign up to my limited library of real time audio guides to help you with anxiety and panic, which I've called Owning It Real Time. Sign up here. I don't often promote my episodes as much as I should but for this one, well if I'd heard it when I was in the throes of anxiety myself, it would have saved me a huge amount of suffering. Bookmark it and come back to it as often as you need. Thanks for listening. 
  • 18. 'Highly Functioning Anxiety': What is that?

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HEREJoin Dr Soph (her new book UNSTUCK is out now) and I as we do a deep dive into what's described as 'Highly Functioning Anxiety'.
  • 17. 8 Things To Remember About Anxiety

    Sign up to Owning It: Real Time HERE. I decided it was time to share some of the key learnings/takeaways that have most stuck with me across all series of Owning It. From the 4 components of an emotion such as anxiety to knowing when to push and when not to, these are coping mechanisms, mindset frameworks and simple points to remember to help you own your anxiety day to day. If I was writing my first book all over again, these would have to feature.
  • 16. Walking away from workplace anxiety

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HERE. This episode's guest is an Irish entrepreneur and founder/owner/barista of the very successful Two Boys Brew and Milos in Dublin. Taurean Coughlan did what so many of us dream of: he quit the corporate life, where panic attacks were becoming too regular an occurrence, and decided to set up his own business with his partner. Now with two cafe/restaurants thriving, how did he do it? What did that corporate anxiety look like? Time to hear another first person experience.
  • 15. How To Own Your Phobia

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HERE. Join me and Dr Brian McLean to unpack phobias. What are they, what do all phobias have in common? How do they differ from regular anxiety? Are they something we can overcome?
  • 14. How to communicate your anxiety with Sarah Knight

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HEREJoin Sarah Knight and I on this episode of Owning It where we dive deep into how to communicate your anxiety whether it be your actual experience of anxiety or your anxiety about something else. Sarah is the number 1 international bestselling author of six books, her latest is Grow The Fuck Up and it's another gem. There's lots of pearls of wisdom to be gleaned here.
  • 13. Financial Anxiety with The Money Mentor

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HEREOn this week's episode of Owning It I am joined by author of The Money Mentor, Santis O'Garro. We talk about financial anxiety, but what makes this a little different is that Santis shares her own personal experience of financial anxiety, the overwhelm and panic of finding herself in significant debt, the emotional drive behind the spending and how she resolved it before becoming the relatable financial life coach she is today. We talk about financial dysmorphia too - when you find yourself obsessing over money, worried about your financial standing, even when you're having no financial difficulty whatsoever. The Money Mentor is out now.