Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

  • 19. Sabrina Hill on anxiety, breakdowns, medication and more

    Get 20% off my Substack here as a valued listener of Owning It. This episode is with Sabrina Hill, influencer, business owner, Cork woman, hair stylist and mother of two - a ten month old and a twenty two year old. It was really hard to write a title for this episode because we talk about so much: her experience becoming a parent at 20/21 and the psychosis and breakdown which followed, her divorce, her hormonal issues relating to anxiety, a rare reaction to medication and much more. Sabrina so generously shares her story and I can't thank her enough. Follow her here.
  • 17. Depression + understanding intrusive thoughts

    Get 20% off my Substack here. A solo episode this week, sharing my experience of depression, the surprising function of intrusive thoughts and the heavy bag we carry.
  • 16. ASMR + Anxiety: Everything You Need To Know

    This episode is all about how ASMR could help your anxiety. What exactly is it? What happens to our brains and bodies when we experience ASMR? What does the research show? ASMR is such a new subject, it's hard to find people who know it inside out in an expert capacity but here I am joined by one such unicorn, Dr Craig Richards who founded the ASMR University. He has been involved in studies as well as working with the woman who coined the term itself. He shares everything he knows when you hit play. Try his relaxation podcasts, Sleep Whispers & Calm History: https://www.silkpodcasts.com/
  • 15. Anxious about taking a rest? A psychologist on why we should take holidays more seriously

    This bonus episode is brought to you in collaboration with British Airways Holidays who are on a mission to make all of us take our holidays a little more seriously! I’m joined again by Dr Claire Kambamettu and we dive into our complicated relationship with rest, and the importance of setting firm boundaries when on holiday. We discuss the anxiety we feel around taking time off, the guilt we feel around having to be productive every minute of every day, and how holidays can be the perfect way to get that bigger rest, to complement our daily micro rest requirements. British Airways Holidays encourages everyone to prioritise their well-being by taking their holidays seriously. Alongside competitive pricing, their offerings include a 24-hour  helpline, carefully selected hotels, ATOL protection, and a generous 23kg per person baggage allowance. Moreover, you can secure your holiday from a £60 per person deposit, so customers can relax, rejuvenate, and switch off. Search Ba.com/holidays for more.
  • 15. It's not always anxiety's fault + other questions answered

    Solo episode this week. I'm answering your questions around medication and other people's stigma about it, how anxiety isn't always to blame for our every niggle we feel and exactly what I do if a tsunami of anxiety washes over me. Episodes referenced in this podcast were my Owning It Real Time audio guide for dealing with anxiety first thing in then morning, my solo episode on the fear of going backwards and ones on medication. Please join me on Substack for more.
  • 14. Owning Mental Illness with Sophie White

    Buy Sophie White's book My Hot Friend here. Sign up to my Substack with 20% off for more Owning It related content and to connect personally HERE. I am joined here by award winning bestselling author and columnist Sophie White. Sophie shares her story with me, the pivotal moment at the age of 22 that changed everything, the diagnosis of bipolar II she would later receive, the anxiety of needing psychiatric care versus what it was really like and how she eventually began to own her mental illness. I want to include a trigger warning (TW) here as Sophie does discuss a particularly tough point of suicidal ideation that she reached in her mid 20s. Now a mother of three and an incredibly successful writer, I hope that Sophie's story gives reassurance to those struggling with mental illness, whether or not it is bipolar or just more chronic anxiety as was the case for me, that it won't always define you or be all that you do. There's so much to discuss with Sophie, we decided towards the end to make this a two parter. So this first episode is Sophie's story right up until she got a handle on things and we will follow up in a few short weeks with how her story continued when she became a parent, an experience which for many of us can be fraught with anxiety in itself. Thank you for listening and please, if you like the series, hop on over to my substack where we can connect on a more personal level and get more useful content delivered to your inbox. you'll find me at carolineforan.substack.com and the newsletter is called Own It. 
  • 13. I was wrong about hypnosis

    I am joined here by Stanford psychiatrist Dr David Spiegel to talk about hypnosis and self hypnosis. Now before you switch off and think 'ugh that's a load of poppycock' - I was and always have been cynical about this too but David is very much from the science and research school of thought and he utterly dispels my distrust of hypnosis here, educating me and hopefully you too on what an effective, scientifically backed intervention it can be to help us through anxiety, especially when it comes to things like phobias. I loved talking to him, and I hope you find it interesting too. And helpful! I'll be back in the new year but in the mean time please do hop over to my substack and subscribe for more content. You'll find me at carolineforan.substack.com/subscribe. To download Dr Spiegel's self-hypnosis app Reveri for two weeks free, visit https://reverihealth.app.link/owningit. For an extra 30% off, use the code RESET. 
  • 14. ARCHIVE: Surviving Christmas Holiday Anxiety

    I was going to record a new episode for this year but it would pretty much run the same as last year's so for anyone who needs a reminder - I'm bringing this one back to the top of the pile for the month that's in it. In this episode of Owning It, I'm talking about the various contributing factors that can give rise to anxiety at Christmas time (or 'the holidays' if you're in America/Canada). Why do we feel more pressure at Christmas? How can we shift our mindset to make Christmas more enjoyable? And looking ahead to the new year, when the self care machine goes into overdrive, I'm talking about how I'm approaching January with a goal of self maintenance over constant self improvement. Follow me on @OwningItPodcast for more.
  • 12. Understanding Cortisol

    If you love this podcast, please consider subscribing to me on Substack here for more long form writing from me! Heard lots about cortisol but not really sure what it's all about? Here the super successful @HealthWithHolland (Becca Holland) joins me to help us better understand the role of cortisol in our bodies and how to manage it so that we can manage our anxiety.