Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

  • 15. How To Own Your Phobia

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HERE. Join me and Dr Brian McLean to unpack phobias. What are they, what do all phobias have in common? How do they differ from regular anxiety? Are they something we can overcome?
  • 14. How to communicate your anxiety with Sarah Knight

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HEREJoin Sarah Knight and I on this episode of Owning It where we dive deep into how to communicate your anxiety whether it be your actual experience of anxiety or your anxiety about something else. Sarah is the number 1 international bestselling author of six books, her latest is Grow The Fuck Up and it's another gem. There's lots of pearls of wisdom to be gleaned here.
  • 13. Financial Anxiety with The Money Mentor

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HEREOn this week's episode of Owning It I am joined by author of The Money Mentor, Santis O'Garro. We talk about financial anxiety, but what makes this a little different is that Santis shares her own personal experience of financial anxiety, the overwhelm and panic of finding herself in significant debt, the emotional drive behind the spending and how she resolved it before becoming the relatable financial life coach she is today. We talk about financial dysmorphia too - when you find yourself obsessing over money, worried about your financial standing, even when you're having no financial difficulty whatsoever. The Money Mentor is out now.
  • 12. How to Manage Exam Anxiety

    Sign up for Owning It Real Time HERE. If you are facing into exams - be it your Leaving Certificate, your A Levels, your state exams - anything at all which requires an examination - you will be familiar with anxiety. That feeling of pressure, that so much appears to be riding on this one test. While I can't change the system that sees the way we're educated culminate in one high pressure exam at the end of the year, I can offer tools and techniques to help manage the anxiety that for a lot of us, at some point in life, will be inevitable. These are major life skills that will apply well beyond exam time too. For this I am joined by Mary Bradley. Mary specialises in teen wellbeing. She's been a secondary school teacher for 10 years and is also a trained breathwork and meditation instructor and life coach. Mary works with teenagers to help them push past a variety of challenges in particular exam anxiety. With online workshops and meditation classes Mary helps students sit their exams feeling calm, focused and prepared and she also just has a lovely soothing donegal accent so listening alone will surely downregulate your stress response here.MaryBradley.ie
  • 11. Emetophobia: the fear of vomiting and being sick

    Sign up for Owning It: Real Time HERE My son was very ill last week so I had to cancel four recordings (sob) so alas it is another solo episode but given the theme of my week I've decided it's time to talk about emetophobia - or a lighter version of that which I think I experience - which is the fear of vomiting. Here I discuss the characteristics of emetophobia, how I handle looking after my son when he's unwell and how I coped through my own recent experience of feeling that I would, any minute, throw up. I hope this episode is of some reassurance or comfort or familiarity that you are not alone - nor are you mad - for having the fear.
  • Anxiety and productivity with Oliver Burkeman

    Access Owning It Real Time HERE This week my guest is the mega bestselling author of Four Thousand Weeks, Oliver Burkeman. We talk about anxiety around time, productivity, the anxiety of getting on top of things, how to accept the reality that we will never fully get on top of things and so much more. We discuss the difference between fulfilment and happiness and how curiosity might be your most powerful tool when experiencing future oriented anxiety.
  • Real Time Rescue For A Panic Attack (Original)

    The original Real Time Rescue that inspired the Real Time series.
  • 9. Stefanie Preissner: Anxiety, Autism and More

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HERE. Join me and Stefanie Preissner as we discuss everything from her autism diagnosis, her anxiety post partum, her journey to becoming a mother and the fear of saying the wrong thing.
  • 8. How I've been: Anxiety + Depression

    Sign up to Owning It Real Time HERE This is a solo episode where I bring listeners up to date on how I've been feeling with anxiety and depression. Depression is a new experience for me but one that has been very much due to circumstance lately. Here I talk about parenting anxiety, parenting your anxious child and the basic necessities of self care when all else goes out the window.