Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast


Let's Talk Insomnia + Anxiety

Season 8, Ep. 2

This week we're talking all things insomnia or sleep struggles in relation to anxiety. Which came first, the crappy sleep or the anxiety? Which can we work on to improve the other? For this chat my expert guest is psychotherapist, sleep specialist and author Heather Darwall-Smith who has some really interesting takes on anxiety in general here, but particularly when it comes to sleep. Sleep in itself can be such a source for anxiety - the pressure to get the best sleep. Heather gracefully bulldozes through a lot of what you normally hear about sleep and offers very practical, reasonable advice to help take the edge off your sleep woes. Her book, The Science of Sleep is out now. Read more about Heather here and follow me on @OwningItPodcast here.

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