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Next Level. Limitless Life with Kyley Paul.

Welcome Kyley, a focused driven-leader, top boss of 3 companies, a mentor, international speaker … and single mom living a limitless life. Her mindset, energy and her intention to live as her ideal lifestyle will inspire you! She has a simple first step to help you too! Her first question is: What do you want in dream life or lifestyle? 

Kyley is intentional with everything she does. She is a role model to high-achievers. Today’s episode hopes to encourage you to to seriously pause and consider building your dream life… and life, in what I call life in OVERflow! 

Her leadership and coaching will move towards your driving forces and link to your inner motivation. Are you ready for this today?   

Listen today to a woman who cares greatly about your goals, life achievements and will compel you to  action!

Warning: Inspiration OVERload!

Limitless life is her mantra. Do you have a mantra? Do you have a list of all things you want to do in a year? Limitless! Kyley will inspire and propel you, as she lives her life in OVERflow!

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  • 2. Your Future Self Will Thank You – September Solo Self-Care episodes with Kimberly

    “Do something today that your Future Self will thank you for!”…one of my favourite quotes and I hope it will inspire you today!What are you passionate about?  What are you curious about?  What talent, skill, or challenge excites you… yet, you may have moved it to the back-burner because you are so busy (and distracted) by all the demands, needs and requests from everyone else?Let’s talk about your passions, interests and adventures awaiting… what can you do today that you’re future self will thank you for?It’s September Selfies with Kimberly!  Season 5 of the OVERFLOW PODCAST and my hope is that today’s episode, sparks your heart and soul, creates some headspace to wonder and maybe activates a little something too!What are you learning?  What are your passions that have been set aside… calling to your soul to reignite?Do you have a Bucket List?  What’s on your list?  What makes you cringe with excitement?Thinking about your future self, and all the adventures you have had in the next 10 years… what is one small thing you can do today … that your future self will be glad you did?  AndCan you find time for daily gratitude?  Would this boost your perspective and positivity?…because I believe, when you take care of yourself, fire up your soul, shift from overdrive and half-empty… you will be OVERFLOWING with energy, honouring your self-care so that you can light up and live one amazing happy life with joy in every moment… and be strong enough to face life’s challenges.That’s what I call living in OVERFLOW!Download your brainstorm and inspiration!  Guided Journal pages can be found on the website under OVERFLOW Downloads or check this out: Let’s connect!Website:                       https://kimberlysnider.caInstagram:                      
  • 1. (Re-)Arrange your own constellation – September Selfies with Kimberly

    It's a new season! Let's re-arrange the stars and create our best life!There is a quote from Pharrell Williams:  Don’t wait for the stars to be aligned.  REACH UP!  Rearrange them in the way you want.  Create your own constellation.Let’s pause, slow down, allow our minds to wander. Let's talk about our vision, our manifesto for our best life, today as well as our 10-year self, in 2033!It’s September Selfies with Kimberly!  Let me (re-)introduce myself, how I hope this podcast helps and inspires and offers space and time to reflect, wonder and possibly wander, unapologetically to your best self.What is your manifesto?What is success, in your professional and personal life?What 2-millimeter adjustment can you make today that will have a big impact on your future self?  AndHow can you raise up the value of YOUR OWN SELF CARE today?  …because I believe, and want to remind you, when you take care of yourself, fire up your soul, shift from overdrive and half-empty… you will be OVERFLOWING with energy, honouring your self-care so that you can light up and live one amazing happy life with joy in every moment… and be strong enough to face life’s challenges.That’s what I call living in OVERFLOW!Download your brainstorm and inspiration!  Guided Journal pages can be found on the website under OVERFLOW Downloads or check this out: Let’s connect!Website:                       https://kimberlysnider.caInstagram:                      
  • 11. Mastering Mindset and Confidence: Natalie Wong's Guide to Personal Transformation

    In this episode of Overflow, we are joined by Natalie Wong, a Vancouver-based Image and Charisma Consultant with expertise in personal transformation. Combining her background in image consulting and hypnotherapy, she helps clients achieve lasting transformations. Natalie is passionate about helping individuals develop confidence and become their best selves using the right tools. She is a Certified RTT® Hypnotherapist and her transformative work extends beyond physical appearance, reaching deep into her clients' core by transforming their beliefs.In this episode, Natalie shares her journey of becoming a Charisma Consultant, what she works with her clients on, and tools to help overcome any barriers they may face. Listen to hear about:Exploring the importance of communication and presentation in personal and professional settingsUnderstanding the significance of initial impressions and their impact on interactionsUseful tips and strategies for developing charisma and personal magnetismEmphasizing the power of mindset and intention in boosting confidence and creating positive changeHow hypnotherapy can help many women overcome obstacles they may face Tune in to this episode of Overflow with Natalie Wong to gain valuable insights on effective communication and be inspired to live life in overflow.ResourcesBook Recommendation: Connect with Natalie:Website: www.imagereflection.caInstagram:’s connect!Website: Q3 SUMMER LEADERSHIP COACHING PROGRAM with Kimberly Coaching sessions where I support you to move from OVERDRIVE to OVERFLOW! 💥From chaos to confidence.💥From taking care of everyone else to turning up the volume on self care.💥From busy working to seeking new adventures.💥From boring to bold.Start here:
  • 10. Embracing Holistic Healing with Charlotte Caunter

    In this episode of Overflow, we are joined by the incredible Charlotte Caunter, a Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner who specializes in alternative and holistic health services. With a strong focus on helping mothers reclaim their health and happiness (...what I would call their OVERFLOWING vibrant life!) for themselves and their children, she offers valuable support and guidance.Charlotte's expertise lies in holistically healing cancer, providing a comprehensive approach to wellness. With a compassionate and personalized approach, she empowers individuals on their healing journey, aiming to create a positive impact on their lives.In this exciting follow-up episode, Charlotte returns to share her healing journey since her previous appearance in season 1 of the podcast, revealing how she’s acknowledging her emotions, dealing with grief, and travelling her own healing path.Listen to hear about:A personal healing journey from cancer, starting with being diagnosed at age 32Overcoming fear and making decisions along the wayExploring the emotional aspects of the healing process, including grief and different perspectivesHolistic approaches such as meditation, movement, and healthy eating for healingThe importance of finding the right healthcare team, acknowledging feelings, and shifting energy to process emotions effectivelyTune in to this episode of Overflow with Charlotte Caunter to hear her own personal journey of healing, and be inspired to live your life in OVERFLOW.ResourcesConnect with Charlotte:Website:’s connect!Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: 
  • 8. OVERFLOWING Financial Freedom - Design Your Reality with Tracy Teskey

    Are you ready for OVERFLOWING financial freedom? Please Welcome Back Tracy, who's vision is to help uplift the world by empowering women to Design Your Reality - one financially secure and confident woman at a time.With 25 years experience, great confidence, fearlessly on a mission to empower women to transform and shape their realities, both financially and in their everyday lives. By approaching life like you would a successful business, Tracy makes the process of effortlessly and abundantly "flowing and growing" your money become a reality. She is truly passionate about leveraging rental property ownership as a strategy for wealth creation. She has helped me and can guide you too, in embracing this journey with joy and ease. Let’s talk business. It’s feeling empowered when we talk about money. …with little to no stress. Today we talk rental properties, equity and teaching our children (teenagers are you listening?) about savings, money, making money work for them, really… getting them involved!  Let’s talk money, making money, investing without feeling overwhelmed… Tracy really tries to create a “spa experience for your finances.” Join our conversation today! Also, Tracy has an offer for you, listen today… and give Tracy a call!… let’s talk reality.Connect with Tracy at Design Your Reality today:         Website:         https://designyourreality.caInstagram: a call & have a conversation with TracyOVER:’s connect!Website:                     https://kimberlysnider.caInstagram:                    
  • 7. Calming Meditation Balancing Emotions by Dr. Shelby

    You are invited to a calming breathing Balancing Emotions Meditation by Dr. Shelby.Did you hear last week's episode? Ready for a really AWESOME gift? How are you today? How are you - REALLY?Are you charged up with emotion?Do you need to feel more calm?Breathe.You are invited this week, to breathe it in and experience your emotions, under the gentle kindness and expertise of Dr. Shelby on today's Overflow podcast.Thank you Dr. Shelby and Thank YOU for tuning in and breathing in all the emotions today. Genuinely and respectfully feeling all the emotions... not just the worry, stress, anxiousness.... Here we can sense the calm, peace, happiness too. I believe when you take good care of yourself, FIRE UP YOUR SOUL, SHIFT FROM OVERDRIVE AND HALF EMPTY TO OVERFLOW, you will have enough energy and you'll be strong enough to face life's challenges and live life in OVERFLOW!  I hope this is living in YOUR OVERFLOW. It is all the emotions and living fully!Connect with Dr. Shelby today:Inner Circle Life Membership launching soon! to coach with Dr. Shelby 1 on 1:’s connect!Website: https://kimberlysnider.caInstagram:
  • 6. Breathe in Vitality with Dr. Shelby

    Welcome back Dr. Shelby Aitcheson, who is a chiropractor, business woman and high level coach trained as Demartini facilitator, working with high-performing leader's, entrepreneurs, CEOs & visionaries - internationally - to dissolve the biggest challenges so you can experience clarity & peace of mind. She works with individuals and groups to work through emotional baggage, picking up on emotional dis-ease and identifying the core “issue” so that people can transform imbalanced perceptions and achieve personal transformation and growth.In today's episode, we discuss: BREATHE! We talk about breathing rather than simply demanding CALM DOWN in your mind. How can we create a sense of groundedness? How can we “think our way through feeling stressed?” MINDSET AND THE BRAIN Feeling trapped with busy thoughts in your head, avoiding emotions, or pushing them all down are constantly creating that dis-ease. Do you wonder how we can address and release neglected and overlooked emotions that are producing an imbalance in our body?VITALITY What is vitality? What have you adapted to and accepted in your day to day as vitality... and what might be more genuinely, truly living in OVERflow? Are you in survival mode and overdrive? Do you wake up feeling inspired? VALUES What is my highest priority action today? Am I filling up my cup with laser focus? So much concentration, without distractions, that I am truly inspired to do/act/accomplish/feel today?Even if you are feeling overwhelmed, say NO to distractions, you are exactly where you are meant to be. …and one breath away from taking action.Join our conversation today and say YES to fully feeling emotions and living vibrant vitality!Connect with Dr. Shelby today:Inner Circle Life Membership launching soon! to coach with Dr. Shelby 1 on 1:’s connect!Website: https://kimberlysnider.caInstagram:
  • 5. Overwhelmed? Let's Refuel with a Walking Meditation

    You are invited to join me in a walking episode of OVERFLOW today! If you are able, grab your walking shoes and earbuds, press PLAY on today's episode and let's go for walk so you can refuel. It is time to breathe, get grounded and regain your strength so you can tackle life's distractions with ease and grace.At times, I know, we can feel ungrounded, fearful, or even paralyzed in the face of difficult emotions and life circumstances. It is time today, to re-claim peacefulness within our minds and body. I am here today, and I will hold your world on my shoulders while you take this next 20 minutes to breathe and get grounded ... so you can confront life with a little less difficulty, and a little more ease and strength! ... and then as the week starts to try to untangle, you can recall your resilience, power and stability in the face of adversity and distractions.Like a mountain, find you are steady and calm, brave and courageous, clear and level-headed, tough and gentle too.Regardless of the environment around you, today, we will mindfully salvage our awesomeness... as well as honour each season of life's challenges with mindful composure and clarity.Are you ready? Today may you remember that everyday is precious.… let’s not be blind to today’s awesomeness of life. OVERflow with Kimberly Snider - the Podcast is here to influence and refuel your awesomeness! You are strong, solid, aware of the beauty around you as well as the challenges that we must weather … You are grounded knowing you are capable, talented, smart, tender, compassionate, warm, yet genuine, sturdy, reliable, and brave to support your own self care, as well as those around you. You are the mountain.Please let me know if this episode is helpful to you or please pass it on to a friend.With much gratitude, Kimberly
  • 4. Gaining Momentum: Listening to Your Body and Living Life in Overflow with Wendy Ng

    In this episode of Overflow, we are joined by the incredible Wendy Ng, a Dance and Movement Coach who empowers women to live consciously and confidently through mindful movement and dance in her renowned program, Moving into Joy. Wendy's passion for movement stems from her extensive training in dance, Muay Thai kickboxing, yoga, and her background in Kinesiology. By combining mental and physical strategies, she helps her clients shift their mindset, reconnect with their intuition, and build unshakeable confidence.In this exciting follow-up episode, Wendy returns to share her journey since her previous appearance in 2021, revealing how things have changed and offering inspirational advice for women. Listen to hear about:The importance of prioritizing our needs in different seasons of life, allowing us to gain clarity and make meaningful choicesPaying it forward after overcoming her own struggles and how her experience allows her to connect others on their healing journeys and reconnection with their goalsChallenging the conventional notion of success focused solely on achieving goals and shifting your focus to your valuesThe significance of movement in gaining momentum in life by listening to our bodies and understanding what is needed in the momentValuable insights and advice for today's high-achieving womenTune in to this episode of Overflow with Wendy Ng to gain invaluable wisdom, discover transformative strategies, and be inspired to live life in overflow.ResourcesAudio Book Recommendation: with Wendy:Website: Instagram: Let’s connect!Website: Instagram: LinkedIn: