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  • 49. Herodotus Book II Q&A

    Patty, Alec, and Brandon wrap up Book II on this Question and Answer episode and look ahead to the next installment of Herodotus. 

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  • 48. Herodotus: Book II, Part 3

    Overdue Classics 48 Herodotus Book II, Part 3—Patty, Alec, and Brandon discuss the last section of Book II of Herodotus and look ahead to the Q&A Episode.Email us:
  • 47. Herodotus: Book II, Part 2

    Patty, Alec, and Brandon return the second half of Book II of Herodotus' Histories.  Email us:
  • 46. Herodotus: Book II, Part 1

    Patty and Alec Bianco return for Book II of Herodotus' Histories. We left Book I with the death of the Persian king Cyrus. In Book II Herodotus takes this opportunity jump into Egypt. Email us: Thanks to the Belmont Abbey Honors College today:
  • 45. Plutarch | The Lawgivers: Comparison Q&A

    Get angry with Matt, Andrea, and Brandon as they discuss Plutarch's comparison of Lycurgus and Numa. And then listen as they realize he may be a sneaky genius. Email us: The Lawgivers:  Thanks to the Belmont Abbey Honors College today:
  • 44. Plutarch | The Lawgivers: Numa

    Andrea, Matt, and Brandon remember everything they forgot about Numa Pompilius! They discuss how Plutarch gives a true contrast to the Lawgiver Lycurgus which anticipates the comparison he will make to conclude this set of parallel lives.The Lawgivers: New Intensive! questions and comments to
  • 43. Plutarch | The Lawgivers: Lycurgus

    Matt Bianco returns to talk Plutarch with Brandon and Andrea. Using the Hicks brothers' translation they begin with the first life in The Lawgivers, Lycurgus of Sparta. They discuss his influences, laws, and lasting legacy which shaped much of how we still view Sparta today.The Lawgivers: questions and comments to