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  • 45. Plutarch | The Lawgivers: Comparison Q&A

    Get angry with Matt, Andrea, and Brandon as they discuss Plutarch's comparison of Lycurgus and Numa. And then listen as they realize he may be a sneaky genius. Email us: The Lawgivers:  Thanks to the Belmont Abbey Honors College today:

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  • 44. Plutarch | The Lawgivers: Numa

    Andrea, Matt, and Brandon remember everything they forgot about Numa Pompilius! They discuss how Plutarch gives a true contrast to the Lawgiver Lycurgus which anticipates the comparison he will make to conclude this set of parallel lives.The Lawgivers: New Intensive! questions and comments to
  • 43. Plutarch | The Lawgivers: Lycurgus

    Matt Bianco returns to talk Plutarch with Brandon and Andrea. Using the Hicks brothers' translation they begin with the first life in The Lawgivers, Lycurgus of Sparta. They discuss his influences, laws, and lasting legacy which shaped much of how we still view Sparta today.The Lawgivers: questions and comments to
  • 42. On the Human Condition, Q&A

    Overdue Classics 42 On the Human Condition Q&AAndrea, Brandon, and Patty wrap up the discussion of St. Basil's On the Human Condition with questions. They cover ideas they'll be continuing to ponder, how this text shapes how we teach, how the text might be taught, and the translator's choice to compile these particular pieces under the title On the Human Condition.FORMA Symposium: questions and comments to
  • 41. On the Human Condition, Letter and Select Rules

    Brandon, Andrea, and Patty return to St. Basil The Great's On the Human Condition. This episode deviates a little from the homilies we have discussed so far. The end of the collection is a short letter in response to Bishop Amphilochius, a student of St. Basil, and selections from his Long Rules relevant to the topic of the Human Condition. Many of the previous themes are revisited and fleshed out in their application to the living Christian community.CIRCE Regional Conference: questions and comments to
  • 40. On the Human Condition, Homily Five

    Brandon, Andrea, Patty Bianco return to St. Basil The Great's On the Human Condition for the 5th homily, Homily on the Words "Be Attentive to Yourself." The hosts discuss St. Basil simply's teaching on true attentiveness as a safeguard of the soul.CIRCE Regional Conference: Symposium: questions and comments to
  • 39. On the Human Condition, Homily Four

    It's confession time as Brandon, Andrea, Patty Bianco return to St. Basil The Great's On the Human Condition for the 4th homily, Homily Against Anger. The hosts discuss how St. Basil simply, yet profoundly, explains the ridiculousness of sinful responses of anger, while still articulating the need for righteous anger.CIRCE Atrium: questions and comments to