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  • 14. Sam Heughan

    For our final episode of this series we are joined by the irrepressible Mr Sam Heughan. We talk growing up, early casting failures and of course, the future. We read from season 1.

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  • 13. Suzanne Smith

    Always wondered how they cast your favourite show? Well, wonder no more as we talk to casting director extraordinaire Suzanne Smith. We chat about the secrets of a good audition, what an actor must always remember and how to pick the perfect Jaime and Claire?
  • 12. Maril Davis

    Today we are joined by the brilliant executive producer and ex-soccer player Maril Davis. We talk about what makes great TV, who you can meet at parties and a little bit about zombies. We read scene 4 from episode 4 season 1.
  • 11. Ed Speleers

    This week we are joined by the bad boy of Wilmington himself the wonderful Ed Speleers. We talk being a child actor and dealing with dustmen and dogs. We read from scene 32 episode 2, season 5, 'Between Two Fires.'
  • 10. Maria Doyle Kennedy

    The multi talented Maria Doyle Kennedy joins us to talk music, art, love and life. We read from episode 6, season 5. 'Better To Marry Than Burn.'
  • 9. Lauren Lyle

    This week we have the brilliant Lauren Lyle! We talk parsley and appendages, messy surgery and how not to blink. We read from episode 2 season 5, 'Between Two Fires.'
  • 8. John Bell

    In todays episode we talk Mohawk, mums, mental health and movies, big, big movies. We read scene 45 from season 5 episode 8. 'Famous Last Words'