Out of Hours: The Podcast


Season 3: The Trailer

Season 3, Ep. 0

The Out of Hours podcast is back! 

After a long wait, Season 3 is coming soon.

In this season, I'll be speaking to an incredible mix of people with one thing in common - they gave themselves permission to be completely themselves, to explore the things that light them up, and to build the things they think should exist in the world. Most of them started their passions as side projects, or curiosities, and turned them into something much bigger than they thought possible. 

The guests on this season know that like everyone, they're running out of hours and want to create things that should exist, say things that should be said, and build the life they actually want, before it’s too late. 

I’m speaking to creators, to entrepreneurs, to writers, and founders of non-profits -to hear about how they started and grew their projects, their mental models, why they stopped waiting for ‘one day’ and how they started taking their own ideas seriously. 


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