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Compassion as a superpower: Running for office, with Virginia State Delegate Michelle Maldonaldo

Season 3, Ep. 7

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Today on the podcast we have Michelle Maldonado. Michelle is the founder & CEO of Lucenscia, a human potential and business transformation firm for developing leaders and organizations, work which she started practicing originally in her corporate job. Michelle designs leadership development and coaching, and has worked with everyone from PepsiCo to the United Nations peacekeepers and humanitarian aid workers.

Michelle is and does so many things - she is an entrepreneur, a business leader, a mother, a wife, as well as holding certifications in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation.  

Most recently, she ran and got elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Michelleis not a career politician but she was moved to run for election following the public murder of George Floyd and the strorming of the capitol - and sees her role as a ‘bridge builder’. We talk about so much in this conversation - from why she thinks compassion is different to empathy, the three breath meditation you can do any time of day, how to talk to people with different views to you without demonizing them, why emotional intelligence is so important in business and how she discovered meditation aged 7.

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    Thanks for being a supporter of Out of Hours! ✏️ If you haven't left a review yet - please do!! ☕️ To support me to keep making the show you can buy me a coffee to say thanks here.📧 To sign up for the newsletter head to for lots of exciting news.About this episode:Today on the podcast we have Stephanie Harrison, founder of The New Happy, and soon to be published author with Penguin Random House for her book, The New Happy.Stephanie, who has a masters in positive psychology, is on a mission to teach us the truth about happiness, and why - when you do everything right, pursuing the right jobs and education - you still don’t feel happy. Stephanie's interest in studying happiness started many years ago when she worked at LinkedIn, and her interest in workplace happiness grew when she worked at Thrive Global. The New Happy started as just a curiosity, then a newsletter for family and friends and now a community of millions of people - with millions of followers across her newsletter and recognisable Instagram page. We talk about how it got started, why everything you know about happiness is wrong, how she got over the fear of posting online, and why you don't need to read the science to know that helping people makes you feel happy.
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  • 3. The Speed Project, the Hardest Relay Race on Earth: Nils Arend Self-Doubt, Meditation and Money.

    The Speed Project is hard to explain. It is a 340-mile relay-style race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, which started as an adventure between friends and has since scaled to global participants. It's an unsanctioned "unofficial-official" race (which means there are no official rules, and no spectators), and has been called "unsanctioned, unhinged, underground and off the grid" - as well as "the secret fight-club style race" (BBC), and "Hardest Running Race in the World" - Hypebeast)In this episode we talk about:The birth of the speed projectWhy Nils loves running why it's an anchor in his lifeWhy people should allow people to love their work and get paidWhen you should quit a side project Why your 'why' matters so much.How you can keep going when doing such an extreme raceP.S. If you enjoy this episode you can now buy me a coffee to say thanks! ☕️ Thank you so much A Nonny Mouse for your support!
  • 2. Kevin Kelly, on How to Find Your Purpose, and Excellent Advice for Living and his Favourite Self Help Books.

    Want to say thanks for this episode and encourage future episodes? You can now Buy Me A Coffee! 💛☕️(You can also email me on Kelly is the founding executive editor of Wired magazine and a former editor and publisher of the Whole Earth Review. He has also been a writer, photographer, conservationist, and student of Asian and digital culture.He is also co-chair of The Long Now Foundation, a membership organisation that champions long-term thinking. He is founder of the popular Cool Tools website, which has been reviewing tools daily for 20 years. He is also the author of multiple best-selling books about the future of technology. His newest is Excellent Advice for Living, a book of 450 modern proverbs for a pretty good life. In this episode we talk about:What makes good advice (and is there such thing as original advice?)Why language is important for using advice wellWhy he wasn't in love when he got married but is nowThe self-help books that actually changed his behaviourWhy you shouldn't wear a hat with more personality than you Why he admires Jeff Bezos every time he meets himPlease enjoy!
  • 1. Edward Sullivan: on Building Healthy Work Cultures, Finding Your Zone of Genius, and Starting a Successful Coaching Business.

    Welcome to Out of Hours.Joining the podcast today is Edward Sullivan, co-founder and CEO of Velocity coaching, best selling author of Leading with Heart and executive coach. His twenty-five-year career as an executive coach and political consultant has taken him around the globe coaching and advising start-up founders, Fortune 500 CEOs, and heads of state of foreign nations. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, INC., USA Today and more. We talk about finding your zone of genius, on falling into coaching by mistake, what a ski time CEO is (vs war time or peace time CEO), fear led work cultures vs heart based cultures and so much more!☕️ Like the show? Buy me a coffee to show your appreciation!
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    If you enjoy this episode, please buy me a coffee and send a message to show your support! ☕️Today on the podcast we have Matt Buechele - known on instagram as Matt Booshell. You may recognise Matt from his comedic, straight-to-camera one minute monologues - as he walks through the street of new york with his airpods. He is a writer, comedian, and composer. He has always been interested in comedy, music and sketches - and today he is full time on his creative work - having written for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and having had his work featured on place like Netflix and Comedy Central. We talk about why fear is irrational, why putting his work online was so key for his success, and why he thinks all musicians want to be comedians and all comedians want to be musicians. I hope you enjoy!
  • 5. Allbirds: Building a sustainable shoe brand, with Tim Brown.

    If you enjoy this episode, please buy me a coffee to show your support! ☕️Today on the podcast we have Tim Brown, co-founder of Allbirds.  Today Allbirds is a public company, with an IPO in 2021, and almost one thousand employees. But it didn’t start that way. In fact for many years, Allbirds was just an idea, a side project for Tim Brown - who was a professional footballer for the first part of his career, even playing in the world cup. Tim was bored of the branded shoes he had to wear as a footballer, and started to wonder if a better shoe could be made. For years, he experimented. Tim is a New Zealander, which is the home of merino wool, and he started experimenting with creating a new shoe material with his homegrown merino wool. After he had a prototype shoe, he launched a kickstarter - which proved the idea was popular with others. In 2016 - Tim officially co-founded Allbirds with his cofounder Joey Zwillinger - who helped shape the sustainability focus for the company. They are now a carbon neutral company, and were termed the ‘world’s most comfortable shoe’ by time magazine.We talk about tall poppy syndrome, why he thinks a sense of humour matters in entrepreneurship, and why he thinks the 85% rule of effort is so important. I hope you enjoy.  Join the Out of Hours newsletter here! If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️ Your support shows me it's worth continuing!
  • 4. Embracing truth, fear and your inner dialogue as a celebrity life coach, with Lauren Zander

    If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️Today on the show we have Lauren Zander, life coach and author of the book “Maybe it’s You” - offering a step-by-step process that has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of her clients. Following a realisation that she’d been living a life full of lies, she decided to “clean up her life” and tell the truth. The result was a lifelong successful career in life coaching and writing. She was in the first vanguard of life coaches, a newly emerging industry, and counts the well known life coach Mel Robbins as one of her early clients. She’s also the coach of Hugh Jackman, the actor in Wolverine and Greatest Showman, who has cited her practice as a “slap taken” - a dose of reality and motivation when preparing for the Greatest Showman. We talk about why people are so afraid to commit fully to their projects, why lying makes our lives so unenjoyable, and why she doesn’t care that coaching isn’t an industry for everyone.If you enjoy this episode, consider buying me a coffee to show your support! ☕️ Your support shows us it's worth continuing!