Our Kids in Mind

Children and teens are watching us all the time. What are we teaching them as their role models, and how can we support them to unlock their incredible potential?

Join Clinical Psychologists, Bettina Hohnen and Jane Gilmour, co-authors of The Incredible Teenage Brain and How to Have Incredible Conversations with your Child, as they invite inspirational fellow authors into the spotlight to discuss their respective books and writing experiences. Listen as they discuss and debate how parents, carers, teachers or youth workers can support young people’s mental health and well-being.

Enjoy lively conversation on:

•         Building emotional wellbeing and creative ways to support young people with Dawn Huebner

•         Understanding trauma and stress using practical tools for families and organizations with Karen Treisman

•         Thriving with neurodiversity and navigating the teenage years with Tony Attwood

•         Mental health in schools, inviting staff, pupils and parents to join forces with Pooky Knightsmith

•         Engaging vulnerable young people using the power of relationships with Vanessa Rogers

•         A wellbeing roadmap, considering the opportunities and challenges of adolescence with Aidan Harvey-Craig.

So if you are an adult supporting a young person, take a moment to sit back and listen to Our Kids in Mind. You’ll find tips, advice and musings from professionals who put young people’s wellbeing at the heart of their conversation.


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