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  • Energy Medicine with global wellness director for Six Senses, Anna Bjurstam

    *Episode is in English. In this episode of One Thirty Biohacks, we delve into the transformative powers of energy medicine and the world of Longevity with Global Wellness Director for Six Senses Anna Bjurstam. Imbalances in the energy flow inside us can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing.  Energy medicine offers profound healing for a multitude of issues, from physical ailments to emotional imbalances and spiritual stagnation. We'll explore how energetic blockages can manifest as illness, stress, or disconnection, and how clearing these blockages can lead to profound healing and alignment.Anna has been one of my peers since starting One Thirty Biohacks and she is one of the leading female profiles in the international community, so Im very happy to be able to share her knowledge and insights in this episode. Join us as we uncover the power of energy medicine and learn how it can bring balance and vitality to our lives. Anna of course also shares her own routines and hacks to a healthier and longer life. 

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  • Kosttilskud og vaner med Good Habits founder Marius Bjerre-Petersen

    Velkommen til denne uges episode af One Thirty Biohacks, hvor vi byder Marius Bjerre-Petersen, grundlæggeren af Good Habits Company velkommen. Vi dykker ned i paradokset omkring kosttilskud, stigmaet omkring deres nødvendighed, og vigtigheden af vejledning i en verden fyldt med muligheder. Marius deler også indsigt i, hvordan små trivielle vaner og en balanceret tilgang til sundhed kan være afgørende. Vi udforsker, hvordan kosttilskud fungerer som katalysatorer, ikke magi, og hvordan man med vaneteori og bevidsthed kan skabe forandringer. Desuden diskuterer vi betydningen af personligt tilpassede kosttilskud og bevidstheden bag vores valg. Så tag med os, når vi går i dybden hvordan du kan blive klogere på den store jungle af kosttilskud. Få ligeledes konkrete råd og trips til hvordan du kan indarbejde nye vaner og rutiner. 
  • Hvordan træning påvirker din longevity med Mads Tærsbøl

    I denne episode har vi besøg af Mads Tærsbøl - high performance coach og physiolog, top athlet og biohacker by heart.Mads dykker i denne episode ind i hvordan træning påvirker vores sundhed og levetid, og kaster lys over en af de vigtigste markører for et langt og sundt liv: vores iltoptagelse, eller som vi alle kender det, vores kondital. Vi diskuterer myter og fakta om forskellige træningsformer og deres indvirkning på vores sundhed. Lyt med til en inspirerende episode af One Thirty Biohacks, hvor du også vil få en række konkrete værktøjer, input og ny inspiration til hvordan du kan optimere dine træningsrutiner, og øge din longevity. 
  • 30. The pulse cure and understanding your HRV with dr. Torkil Færo

    What if you could see the toll that over-work, too much sugar, alcohol or bad sleep really have on your body?What if you knew what boosts your energy, and what saps it, what impacts your sleep quality and when you are heading for burnout?What if you could feel more vitality and joy, have stronger will power and live longer?With the aid of your phone, smartwatch or a wearable heart rate monitor you can. The key lies in measuring your heart rate variability - the distance between your heart beats - which indicates what is happening in your autonomic nervous system. Tuning into your heart rate variability can show you how your personal constitution reacts to specific stressors and help you tailor what you need to do to recharge.Torkil is a general practitioner and emergency doctor, documentary filmmaker, author, photographer and globetrotter. As a medical student, he was the first to go abroad for Norwegian Doctors Without Borders when he worked in war-torn Angola in 1996. Through 25 years as a freelance doctor, he has worked in municipalities all over the Norway, had tens of thousands of consultations and gained a unique picture of the diseases that plague us. Through his work, Torkil learned that the cause is most often found in a lifestyle that stresses our body, which became the driving force behind the pulse cure. In this episode of @onethirtybiohacks, we dive into how you can optimise you health by monitoring your Heart Rate Variability and thus get a better understanding of what really stresses your nervous system. Torkil also shares some of the many learnings and insights he has gained over the years working with thousands of people through the puls cure community. The pulse cure book is available in Norwegian and English, and will be published in Danish in May 2024.
  • The power of breathing with Mikkel Sonne Nørbygaard

    In this episode of One Thirty Biohacks, we dive into the power of breathing and what can be achieved by breathing “correctly” as well as the potential downsides if you dont.Every breath with take is a reflection of our nervous system, and it affects our thoughts, emotions and our very feeling of being. Consious breathing is not just a hype or the latest thing on the long list of wellness trends. By understanding how to breathe with intention you can optimise your health and wellbeing in noumerous ways as well as access deeper layers in your subcontioness. It’s a very powerful tool to have in your toolbox, that can help overcome stress, anxiety, improve focus, emotional balance, increased energy and clarity… and much more. Mikkel Sonnen is a kaospilot graduate and former chief experience officer at Tveh BBQ, but today he focuses most of his time as a breathwork facilitator, and he is one out only two certificer Soma breath instructors in Denmark. He facilitates breathwork journeys to improve mental health and optimal performance.“Mastering your breath gives you a remote control to your nervous system. A literal superpower in the modern world” - Mikkel Sonne As you will hear in this episode we are huge fans! And highly recommend you try for yourself. See Or for info on upcoming sessions.
  • 28. Overcome overwhelm & the power of healing in community with Victoria C. Lutzhoft

    In this episode of One Thirty Biohacks, we dive into the power of community, and how to overcome overwhelm and burnout.Finding your purpose and meaning in life, healing childhood traumas and overcoming your insecurities while at the same time, living up to society’s requirements of how to create a family, home, work - can feel overwhelming for most.But on a positive side - you are not alone. You are not the only one dealing with these feelings and thoughts. Victoria shares some of her valuable insights and also sheds light on how your healing & growth journey can be empowered and fuelled by likeminded people. Vic is the founder of The Sisterhood, a thriving women's community in Copenhagen, which she runs alongside her business as a life & purpose coach.The Sisterhood is a community created for women who crave a place to belong with likeminded women. A place to skip the BS small talk + have deep meaningful conversations, forge authentic connections, and be able to talk about taboo topics openly and without fear of judgement."Over the last 10 years, I have learnt to heal a decade of chronic body pain, anxiety and overwhelm by learning to listen to my body's signals, navigate my desires and express my feelings. This simple, foundational set of learnings have enabled me to create my marriage, motherhood and business in a way that fits me fully.” Today, Vic helps other female founders and creatives to learn to harness their own power; to get out of their heads and into their bodies. And how healing in community can be a very powerful thing.Curious to know more? Sign up for our event Series with Tine and Victoria - a conversation about overwhelm and burnout. 
  • 27. CBD 101 med dr. Julie Moltke

    Velkommen til en spændende episode af @onethirtybiohacks, hvor vi dykker ned i en af de store sundhedstrends omkring brug af CBD og medicinsk cannabis i forbindelse med blandt andet smertelinding og mental sundhed. Dr Julie Moltke er funktionel læge med stort fokus på stress håndtering og mental sundhed, og så har hun arbejdet intenst med CBD og medicinsk cannabis de sidste 5 år blandt andet hos Horsted Institute. Hun er ligeledes forfatter af bogen “A Quick guide to CBD”. Julie guider os gennem de grundlæggende aspekter af CBD og deler sin indsigt i hvordan CBD også kan påvirke vores mentale velbefindende og meget andet. Ligesom vi dykker ned i nogle af de problemstillinger mange oplever omkring stress håndtering og vores mentale sundhed. Besøg hendes hjemmeside og find hendes bog “A Quick Guide to CBD: Everything you need to know” på AmazonEr du nysgerrig på at vide mere om festivalen awaken in the woods, så kan du læse mere her eller skriv til