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What Happens When OT Data Grows Up and Comes Out of Its Shell?

Industrial digital transformation prompts long-term guarded OT data to come out of its industrial shell and go into the IT world. However, is the road to the IT world paved with gold? In this episode, Johnny Wang, an expert with more than ten years of industrial automation experience, will share with us how to ensure that your OT data travels safely to the IT world.


The Content of This Episode:

(00:00) Why OT data is starting to step outside of its shell?

(06:15) Examples of OT data coming out of its shell

(10:21) Three OT data challenges

(15:15) Your OT data needs a capable travel companion

(23:14) What is the next step for OT data?


Guest Profile:

Johnny Wang has more than ten years of product development experience in the field of industrial automation. Before joining Moxa, he worked as a R&D engineer in the optical fiber communication industry. After that, he started his own business in the LED industry. When he joined Moxa, he was responsible for the product development of industrial communication equipment. Later, he joined the automation department, serving as R&D supervisor, automation department supervisor, and strategic project department supervisor.

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