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Taking the Guessing Out of Future Power Generation

When fluctuating renewable energy becomes our major energy resource, how will we be able to leverage real-time OT data to help us maintain grid resilience and avoid a sudden drop in power generation due to a dark cloud? In this episode, we invite Jerry Fang, an expert with a lot of experience in the power industry, to share with us how customers can achieve energy transition through real-time OT data.


The Content of This Episode

(00:00) What is the energy transition?

(02:01) Energy transition needs communications support. Why?

(09:49) How is energy transition affecting traditional operations?

(16:22) What are the next steps for OT data in the power industry?


Guest Profile:

Jerry Fang is responsible for Taiwan Power’s key accounts at Moxa. Since 2015, he has assisted his customers, such as Taipower, CHEM, and Tatung, to complete feeder automation, high-voltage AMI communication architecture design, IEC61850 substation communication architecture design, and renewable gateway design. Because of his experience in the field of power systems and energy communications, Jerry was invited as an IEC61850 lecturer at Taipower.

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