Ornery presents Audere

One hour of music with Ornery and his dark, emotional, intense melodic techno sound.

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  • Audere Radio 051

    For more info visit Yani - Falling Sky [Lelantus]Polygraph - Echo of a Goodbye [widerworks]Barbur - Mystic Moon [Barbur Music]Steve Dekay pres. Skender with Sydien - Hurrican AngelsAnakim, Dark Heart, Frýnn - Seconds AwayTavaresgui, Acrobatik - Ascend [Lowbit]Trilium - It Means That We're AlivePaul Thomas, Chris Bekker - Apex (Eddy Tango Extended Remix) [UV Noir]Michele Miglionico - Impression [Revelation]Ka-Way - Grief (Ornery Remix) [Daydreaming]Austin Pettit - Fractal [Siona Records]Teho - Lyra (Lauren Mia Remix) [Labo T]Ornery - Apparent Calm [Pursuit]

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  • Audere Radio 050

    For more info visit Esperanza - Kehrwasser [Tanzgemainschaft]Remains Of Silence - Anchelica [Wout Records]Skytech vs. Tiësto feat. BT - Glory Comes Again (Skytech Mashup)Andrewboy, Shane 54 - Heist Film [UV Noir]Hans Zimmer - At Wit's End (CIGMA BOOTLEG)Jake Crooker - Journey [Electronic Tree]Sundrej Zohar - Light in the Dark [A Theory Of Mind] Folgatto, Ilya Gushin - Keep CalmHATTRICK - Tokyo Rain [Reckoning Records]Daivic - Frenesi [Ciccada]ENØS - Prometheus [sequence music]Ovadia - Brick By Brick [Purified]Galø - Revelaciones [Awen Records]Stanco - Hades [Revelation]Voltran - Survivor [Sounds of Meow]Bound - Over Now [widerworks]Faithless - Insomnia (Javier Misa & Alexion Edit)Exbow - Take Control [widerworks]Alessio Cristiano - Cobra [Harabe]Double Disco - Going Back [Siona Records]Pablo Anon - Chasing Shadows [Critical Fusion]Jonas Neo - Synapses [Sunexplosion] Luca De-Santo - Incomparable [Chrom Recordings]E.F.G. - Eternal Serenade (Cruve9 Remix) [DYNAMICA]Eleonora - Living a Lie (Sam Dile Remix) [Wout Records]
  • Audere Radio 049

    For more info visit, Oësha - Saudade [UV Noir]Michele Miglionico - Escape the Reality (Stanco Remix) [Innerselves]Vintage Culture, Magnus - Nothing Ever Changes (CamelPhat Remix)KRCL, Hard Reset, Eleonora - Yours [widerworks]Unseen. - Final Fantasy (Teri Berka Remix)XXperiencia - Aphrodite [Uxoa Dutxa Elite]Ka-Way - Helheim [Revelation]Cranberries - Zombie (Julien Vertigo Stellar Edit)FromTheEarth - EnergyLuca De-Santo - Heliocentric [MIR MUSIC]VBROTH - Clorophilla [Krafted Underground]Enlight - Machine [Perfecto Black]Faithless - Insomnia (IND:RA Bootleg)
  • Audere Radio 048

    For more info visit Young, James de Torres, Adam Nazar - Moth to a Flame [Harabe]ID - ID (Ornery Remix)Whoriskey - Torn [UV Noir]Anyma, CamelPhat - The Sign (Kevin de Vries Extended Remix) [Afterlife, Interscope]Ravi Luchesi, Remusic - Sun Strip [Innerselves]Lysa Chain - FirestormTriart - Memoria [widerworks]Andrewboy, SHAZZE - Longlife (Ryven Remix) [Sunexplosion]Bozz (IT) - Last Breath [Revelation]Rob Hes, PARALEL - Unaltered (Nick Devon Remix) [Theory X]Victor Garde, döts - It's Killing Me [Siona Records]IND:RA - Remember MeÂme - Rej (BLR Remix)
  • Audere Radio 047

    For more info visit Golden - Moon [ICONYC]Alan Wools - You and Me [Siona Records]Wailey - Droplets [Rezongar Music]Ornery - Sulfur [Audere]Sundrej Zohar, ZERO CONTACT - Just a Fool feat. Zara Taylor [A Theory Of Mind]Mariz - Together [Transensations Records]Unitech - My Tears [Sounds Of Meow]Deep Daze - FallNot Usual - Mirror [Above Water]GRAZZE - The Blossom feat. Davide Famularo [Harabe]Jetzen - MegaMeta [Click Records]MPathy, Øntold - Asa feat. John M (Unseen. Remix) [Movement Recordings]Keistep, Omar Yasser - Hold Me [Revelation]
  • Audere Radio 046

    For more info visit Tango - Deep Nebula [Click Records]Edwrd Jacks & Manuel Ribeca - Fear of The Abyss [SINNER MUSIC]Drumstone - Retro [UNSEEN Records]Amanda Baron - Life [Deep Tales]Sundrej Zohar - Blackout (Ornery Remix) [Daydreaming]Die Propheten - Leaving Hope [A Theory Of Mind]Atakan Mendi - Stand Still [Creatus Flow]Dark Heart, Be No Rain - Visions (Khainz Extended Remix) [Size]Mauez, Torpez (ofc) - Behind the Wheel [Awen Records]kamikaze (BR) - Glitches [Ciccada]Anyma - Pictures Of You [Afterlife]Las Von - Make Me [widerworks]Fabulous - Enemy [MIR MUSIC]
  • Audere Radio 045

    For more info visit Usual - FallingNosh & SJ - Unleashing the Power [Movement Recordings]Br.Apay - How Does It FeelSpace Yoda - No One [MIR MUSIC]TERIAKI - Cyber Future ( Last 2 Standing Remix) [Sounds Of Meow]Der Effekt - Conscious [Click Records]Andrewboy - Alone (Wailey Remix) [UV Noir]Noise88 - No RegretILy, Katze - The Truth (Mia Mendi & widerberg Remix) [Deep Tales]Sundrej Zohar, Iamsero - Echoes [A Theory Of Mind]Night Stories, Antâgonite - Terrarium [OPENGATE SOCIETY]Amir Telem - Awaking From Reality [Kitchen Recordings]HEREON, Like Mike, Kol De Cord, Eli & Dani - Alive