Ornery presents Audere

One hour of music with Ornery and his dark, emotional, intense melodic techno sound.

  • Audere Radio 038

    For more info visit www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Cary Crank - Revolution (Pablo Goyesi Remix) [Sunexplosion]Nas Horizon - Communication [Movement Recordings]LEN CITY - Skypager [Ciccada]inflore - Artefact [Click Records]Patrick Ruprecht - Space Light [Awen Records]Alegra - Iris [Recovery Collective]Kuzey - Kasirga [Barbur Music]Teri Berka - Fluro [Rezongar Music]Dylan Deck - Almost There [Deepwibe Underground South America]Deestopia - 4am (Extended Mix) [UV Noir]Daniel Dee, Toxic Flower - Infinita (Remix) [MIR MUSIC]Sean & Dee - Metaphysic (Some Of Remix)Hasan Ghazi, SiDD - The Lost Boys (Verazlo Remix)
  • Audere Radio 037

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Kamiel Kiko - Reality [UV Noir]IURII - Limerence [VTOPIΛ]2up, Jaen Paniagua - Aurora (Cary Crank Remix) [Rezongar Music]Monnarsh, Fidac - Arge [People Like Us Records]DJ Andy de Gage' - Crazy Horses (Extended Mix) [Sunexplosion]Thiago Kruse - Redshift [Ciccada]Indifferent Guy - Solar Storm [Lowbit]IURII - Mind Hunters [VTOPIΛ]Nairo - Syndicate [Click Records]LOPA - Viesra [Tanzgemeinschaft]The Timeless (ofc) - Dancing on the Dark Side (Senses of Mind Remix) [Awen Records]Valerio Boccitto, Fresen - Betelgeuse (Sean & Dee Remix) [Click Records]Kilany M - Spiritual Experience [Mirror Walk]
  • Audere Radio 036

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Equinøx - Astral [High Contrast Recordings]Mind Of Us - Sunrise & Sunset [Vesta Records]Wailey - Amari [Lowbit]Pao Calderon - Eternity [Modern Agenda]JP Lantieri - Forty Something (Ornery Remix) [Flemcy Music]Fuenka, Sean & Dee - Beskar (D-Formation Remix) [UV Noir]Aurelien Stireg - Vikings (Hasan Ghazi Remix)Cybek - Rear Machine (Deep Inside Remix) [Sunexplosion]Faminski - Scio [Click Records]Axel Zambrano - Esperanza [MIR MUSIC]Fabio Cazzato - Sinner [Sync Forward]Acrobatik - Dark Matter (Fabian B. Remix) [Ciccada]Âme - Rej (Stone Van Brooken & Marcus Cito Edit)
  • Audere Radio 035

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Ornery - Nitrogen [Audere]ODDR - Quinto Império [Sync Forward]Manu Cerasa, UnknownS - He's Coming for Us [Siona Records]Der Effekt - At the End [UV Noir]Jares - Rage [Deep Tales]Darknezz - Atomic [Above The Storm]Etonika - No Excuses [Sunexplosion]LORENZO TURCO - Legacy (Ornery Remix) [Rezongar Music]Unseen. - Nexus [Awen Records]MATHU, Tandu - Deep Indigo (Allan McLoud Remix) [ShinyPeople]Alessio Cristiano - Minds [VTOPIΛ]Add-us - Human Heart [Androgyne Audio]FiddeLozza - The Doubt [YOMO Records]
  • Audere Radio 034

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Florian Bernz - Mystic [Sunexplosion]Axel Zambrano - Queen [Another Life Music]Sam Welt - Raise the Dead [VTOPIΛ]Senses of Mind - Solaris [Harabe]Faminski - Dark Times [Click Records]FOTN - Between Two Worlds [Nebula Sounds]Merdem - Aftermath [Innerselves]The Advocate - Fall Away feat. Sarah de Warren (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]Serval (AR) - The Mirror (EZEK Remix) [Dynamica]Ucleden - Music [Obenmusik]Bigfett - Reflection [Odd One Out]Nihil Young - Descent [UV Noir]Saccao - Metaverse [Awen Records]
  • Audere Radio 033

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Antonio Pagano, Onset - Tunnel [Mercurial Tones]DAYKON - Stay With Me (Sundrej Zohar Rmx) [Superordinate Music]Devoteex - Voices [Running Clouds]Nico P - Been There Before [DHB]Two Are, TORIЯ - Tuman Yarom [Sunexplosion]JP Lantieri - Opening (Ornery Remix) [Flemcy Music]Product Of Us - Renaissance [Siona Records]Cosmic Minds - Carbon [Deep Tales]Kör - Revelation [VTOPIΛ]Add-us - Human Heart [Androgyne Audio]St. Punk! - Flow [Ciccada]Deciduous - Planet 9 [Astral Records]SUZe - Between the Lines [Stil Vor Talent]
  • Audere Radio 032

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Moonwalk - Power of Universe [Siona Records]Danilo Ercole - Take Your Mind [Transensations Records]Stark D - Unknown Darkness (Kilany M Remix) [Vintage Music Label]WITHIN US - Rave With You [CIRQUE 87]LIBS - Terra (Extended Mix) [Krafted Underground]Andrewboy - Fade Away (Instrumental) [Awen Tales]Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Sundrej Zohar & Eddy Tango Remix)Michael Ritter & Ornery - Doppeldecker [Grey Bar Hotel]DJ Andy De Gage - Darkfall [Vorwärts Musik]FELA - Seeker [MIR MUSIC]Arielle-LB - Atlantis [Natura Viva]Dylan Deck, Yama Gata - Untrue (Sergio Del Lago Remix) [Droid9]DENEEM - Dive [Sounds Of Meow]
  • Audere Radio 031

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Sergio Avila - Uranus [UV Noir]Paul The Horse - Inner Dimension [Recovery Collective]Ismael Rivas - Xtacy Lover [Awen Tales]Mikey & The Wolf - Redux [Waiting Still]Cary Crank, Kadhem - Dusk Till Dawn feat. Hydrah [Sunexplosion]S.I.D (US) - Higher (Extended Mix) [UV Noir]Tristan Dior - The Devil You Know [RPO Records]Starkato - Polar Lightning [Movement Limited]EZEK - Disconnection [MIR MUSIC]Ege Yanik - Remind Me [Innerselves]Gulec, Monoquad - Beyond the Walls [Click Records]Greg Siokos - Home [Chrom Recordings]Wailey - State of Mind (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]
  • Audere Radio 030

    For more info visit https://www.ornerymusic.com.Tracklist:Vicius (BR) - Reaching [Steyoyoke Black]Bugra Baran - Diamon [Innerselves]Roland Clark, Nightsteppaz - God Was In The Speakers (Nick Devon Remix) [Vibe Me To The Moon]Ornery - Ace Of Spades (Teri Berka Remix) [Rezongar Music]Elliott Creed - Depth Of Emotions [DIT KLINGT JUT]Cary Crank, Bensus7 - Trip to Your Mind [Awen Records]Øulitis, Oclum - Whisper Tracking (Tamer Fouda Remix) [Mirror Walk]Rinzen - Metropolis [UNSEEN Records]Fuenka - Foundation [UV Noir]Moonwalk - Aries [Stil Vor Talent]Amir Telem - Shine (Cary Crank Remix) [Sunexplosion]Eleonora, AMAD - Stronger Now [Timeless Moment]Alessio Pennati - Fear For Tomorrow (Paul Anthonee Revision) [Sequence Music]