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S2E4: Apply Pressure & Elevate, with the O Positive Festival

Season 2, Ep. 4

The O Positive Festival, held in Kingston, New York, in early October every year, presents a weekend full of music, art and wellness activities across all genres and disciplines, for all age groups, indoors and outdoors, and all for the price of a donation. But it's behind the scenes that O Positive has the biggest impact. The festival confronts the lack of affordable and free health care amongst the USA's artistic community by exchanging 'The Art of Medicine' for 'The Medicine of Art' by which "underinsured artists and musicians create and perform in exchange for a variety of services donated by doctors, dentists and complementary care providers."

For this Episode of One Step Beyond, Tony Fletcher speaks with Art Director Lindsay Wolkowicz and Music Director Lara Hope about the specific health problems working artists face going about their manual labour, and how O Positive seeks to make a lasting change in the landscape of USA health care - or rather, the lack of it. Tony also takes his tape recorder around the various concerts, wellness activities, and interactive art displays, which range from tours of the Festival's celebrated Murals program, to a Mindfulness walk, an interactive book-gifting art display, and music by such varied acts as Mercury Rev, Roxiny, Sonny Singh, Amanda Palmer and the Mac & Cheeze Balkan Power Trio.

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S2E2 - Barefoot Hiking, with Ken Posner

Season 2, Ep. 2
Ken Posner recently completed the 211-mile John Muir Trail in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains... barefoot from start to finish. On this episode, he takes host Tony Fletcher onto a trail in the more forgiving Shawangunk Mountains of the Hudson Valley to explain, and demonstrate, the benefits of hiking barefoot, on easy trails like this but also on the toughest parts of the John Muir Trail.Ken was previously the guest on Season 1, Episode 15 of One Step Beyond, when he took Tony on a 'bushwack' hike up one of the Catskills peaks, without navigation. Ken's list of achievements is impressive for a late starter and someone who still holds down a desk job. In 2013, he achieved what was then the Fastest Known Time (9 days) for Running The Long Path through New York, and wrote a book about the experience. The following year, he set a still-standing FKT for the Badwater Double, a 146-mile, near 15,000-ft climb from the lowest point in the Continental US to the highest point, at the top of Mount Whitney – and back again, covering the 292 miles in under 4 days. He has also gone barefoot in conducting the Grid - all 35 of the Catskills 3500ft peaks in all 12 months.Ken Posner's blog can be found at can be found on Twitter, Instagram and on YouTube.Also in this episode: Tony reports back on his Marathon March in aid of the Palace for Life foundation, taking on all 26.5 miles, all four 3500ft+ peaks, and all 6-7000ft elevation of the Cat’s Tail Trail Marathon a week after the foundation’s annual sponsored marathon walk around south London. Tony's aim was to complete it within the 10-hr cut-off time set for runners - without running. Did he succeed? Listen in to find out. You can support Tony's fundraising at Palace for Life foundation is at Email One Step Beyond at:Instagram is OneStepBeyondPodcastFacebook is One Step Beyond with Tony FletcherTwitter is OneStepBeyondP1Theme song is 'Yes Men' by The Dear Boys. Listen in full here.Logo by Mark Lerner. Photo taken at Arte Sumepaz in Cundinimarca, Colombia. 

S2E1 - The Joy of Exercise with Matt Fitzgerald

Season 2, Ep. 1
To get us warmed up on this first episode of our long overdue new series/season, Tony talks to Matt Fitzgerald, an endurance coach, nutritionist and prolific author about physiology and running, the joys of exercise, the ABCs of fitness, and the 80/20 philosophy of training that puts the emphasis on keeping most workouts easy. Matt also explains the pitfall of Superhumanization in regard to East African running dominance, the reality of the Group Effect within sports, how what biologists call Convergent Evolution resulted in the proven 80/20 method, discusses his Coaches of Color program, and talks about his long battle with Long Covid. In part 2, around the 1-hour mark, Tony describes how an overdue new challenge was inspired in part by conversation with Matt about his book How Bad Do You Want It?. On October 1, Tony will be hiking rather than running, and hopefully within the 10-hour cut-off, the Cat’s Tail Trail Marathon in support of the Palace for Life foundation’s annual south London Marathon March. In the final section,Tony checks in with Jim Daly of the FYP Podcast in the midst of the main march on Sep 24, and plays an excerpt from his own appearance on the FYP Podcast discussing his personal challenge in detail. Please support Tony's efforts, if only to offer encouragement, at The Palace for Life foundation is at FYP Podcast is at can be found at: and's podcast can be found at Coaches of Color Initiative is at Running Public interviews with Matt Fitzgerald can be found here; on the most recent one he talks in greater depth about Long Covid and also about his new book, Race Pace.Questions/comments/suggestions? Email One Step Beyond at:Instagram is OneStepBeyondPodcastFacebook is One Step Beyond with Tony FletcherTwitter is OneStepBeyondP1Theme song is 'Yes Men' by The Dear Boys. Listen in full here.Logo by Mark Lerner. Photo taken at Arte Sumepaz in Cundinimarca, Colombia. 

Season 2 Trailer

One Step Beyond, the podcast all about positively engaging with the world outside our door, is back. Yes, we’ve been away for a full year, but fear not, a new season will be returning to your podcast feed as of the last week of September 2022.What can you expect from the first few episodes? Well, there’s an interview with sports author, endurance coach nutritionist and all-round good guy Matt Fitzgerald on why exercise is fun… We will be talking to record-breaking British fell-runner and accidental climate activist Damian Hall about his new book We Can’t Run Away From This, on the environmental damage caused by the running industry and what we can do about it, and I will be taking off my shoes and socks alongside Ken Posner, who recently barefoot hiked the entire 211-mile, vertiginous John Muir Trail in California to find out why he so strongly believes that we should get out into the woods with the only padding on our feet being the soles we were born with. And for charity, I will be hiking rather than running– hopefully within the 10-hr cut-off – the annual Cats Tail Trail Marathon, in solidarity with the Palace for Life Marathon March that takes place across South London this time of year, raising funds for programs that support disadvantaged and disabled youth from the area in which I grew up. If you would like to support my fundraising hike, please follow the link below. will be other episodes recorded in the field, there will be travel stories, interviews with people who have made significant life journeys metaphorical or physical, people who have campaigned for positive change or simply started an initiative themselves, essentially anything that gets us out and about, and enjoying the beautiful planet we inherited and the remarkable bodies we are equipped with, hopefully without doing further damage to either. Look and listen out for Season 2 of One Step Beyond wherever you get your podcasts.Questions/comments/suggestions/free beer? Use this e-mail, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter.Or, find One Step Beyond on social media at:Instagram is OneStepBeyondPodcastFacebook is One Step Beyond with Tony FletcherTwitter is OneStepBeyondP1Theme song is 'Yes Men' by The Dear Boys. Listen in full here.Logo by Mark Lerner. Photo taken at Arte Sumepaz in Cundinimarca, Colombia.