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Ep. 8: Kenya, Enda, and off to the races

Ep. 8

Hey you… Welcome to Episode 8 of One Step Beyond, a fortnightly show about positively engaging with the world outside our door, with host Tony Fletcher.

On this episode, we journey to Kenya, to talk with Nava Osembo, the co-founder and CEo of Enda Sportswear, Africa’s first performance running shoe company and a socially conscious, environmentally friendly, community-based company at that. Then for our local outdoor field recording, we're off to the races for the first time in several months, to find, not surprisingly, that things have changed significantly due to covid. The fun factor, however, has not, and I’ll offer tips for those of you looking to run your first race.

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Reuters article on Kenyan renewable energy

CleanTechnica article on Kenyan energy

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Ep. 27: Love Hope Strength with Mike Peters

Ep. 27
Mike Peters is the rare rock star to have an MBE after his name - awarded not for his musical successes with Welsh rock band The Alarm, considerable though they have been, but for his charity work with the Love Hope Strength foundation. That story starts In 1995 when, on the eve of an American tour, Peters was informed that he had Non Hodgkin's Lymphona, or cancer of the blood cells; deciding to push on through the tour, cloak himself in a fighting attitude, and turn down a bone marrow transplant, Peters' disease appeared to right itself, only to return in 2005 as leukemia. Rather than bemoan his bad luck, Peters instead recognized the enormous good fortune of having quality free cancer care on the National Health Service in a world where there is so much health inequality, and in 2007 he co-founded Love Hope Strength, with the belief that "all people deserve quality care, a marrow donor if needed, and most importantly, hope."Since then, Peters, with partner James Chippendale, another leukemia survivor, has hosted concerts on top of Mt Everest Base Camp, Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Fuji, established the 'Get On The List' drive at concerts to sign up potential bone marrow donors, and recorded the world's longest song, The Scriptures, to promote bone marrow donor initiatives between Israelis and Palestinians. Money raised has served to fund a mammography machine in Nepal, build a Children’s Cancer Unit in Tanzania, and to fund cancer projects within the UK.Mike Peters first met One Step Beyond host Tony Fletcher in 1981, after calling him to pitch a copy of the debut single by The Alarm, 'Unsafe Building'. The two built a close friendship in the early 1980s, and Fletcher's first trip to the USA, where he would later move, was as part of the press for The Alarm's April 1986 Spirit of 86 concert at UCLA broadcast live worldwide by MTV. Though they fell out of touch for 25 years, they recently had cause to renew contact, leading to this interview. Mike, a keen hiker, runner, climber and footballer, is supported in his daily mission by his wife of 30 years, Jules Peters, also a cancer survivor, and the subject of two recent BBC Wales documentaries on her own battles to overcome breast cancer surgery. Together, their positive outlook has enabled them to outrun cancer and raise a family. Mike released a new album as The Alarm, Raw, earlier this spring, and is about to set off on a sponsored walk of Offa's Dyke, which runs down the English-Welsh border. Listeners are invited to join in virtually.You can find Mike Peters' music at TheAlarm.comLove Hope Strength can be found at or Mike Peters documentary Man In The Camo Jacket can be found at on the documentary 'Mike and Jules: While We Still Have Time' and 'Jules Peters: My Cancer Journey' can be found at Alarm YouTube channel is at Alarm on Instagram can be found at you enjoy this story, and especially if you’d care to hear more like it, please do let me know via e-mail at, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter.Or, find One Step Beyond on social media at:Instagram is OneStepBeyondPodcastFacebook is One Step Beyond with Tony FletcherTwitter is OneStepBeyondP1And your host can be found

Ep. 25: The Anniversary Episode

Ep. 25
One Step Beyond is one year old, and to celebrate, we revisit some of our best episodes and catch up with the guests, each of whom was invited to answer four questions about how they coped with this past pandemic year and how they are staying optimistic and motivated moving forwards. A dozen of them responded, sending in their recorded replies from five different continents, and over the course of this episode, you’ll hear from authors, runners, painters, adventurers, film-makers, musicians, skiiers, medical volunteers, zen teachers, walkers, travelers, barefooters, minimalists, entrepreneurs, high school teachers, hikers, vegans and, above all, from people who have taken a step outside their comfort zones to enrich their lives. It's a feast of food for thought.Thank you to Tim Kelly, Paula Lucas, Ric Dragon, Navalayo Osembo, Bill Hoffman, Zuisei Goddard, Olie Hunter-Smart, Trevor Warman, Adam Fletcher, David Watts Barton and Julie McGuire for taking part in this special episode. Thanks to all the other guests from the past year, and to all of you, the listeners and supporters, for making this such a successful first 25 shows. This episode runs longer than usual, and it was later than usual in landing, but it’s hopefully worth the wait and should be worth its length, too.People, places and entities featured in this Episode:Arte Sumapaz Carla Rhodes article on the Greater Adjutant in the New York TimesEnda SportswearMountain Dog RunningVanessa Zuisei GoddardOlie Hunter SmartThe Nomadic BackpackerDavid Watts BartonJulie McGuire on FacebookFor questions or comments, or to subscribe to the newsletter, e-mail Onestepbeyond@ijamming.netJoin One Step Beyond on social media at:Instagram is OneStepBeyondPodcastFacebook is One Step Beyond with Tony FletcherTwitter is OneStepBeyondP1And your host can be found