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Ep. 28: Equal Playing Field, first half.

Ep. 28

Ever considered arranging an official 90-minute football/soccer match, on a full-size pitch, at 18,746ft/5714 meters above sea level, in the oxygen-starved atmosphere on top of Mt Kilimanjaro? Erin Blankenship did; in 2017, she helped co-ordinate a World Record for the highest altitude match ever played, one in which every participant, from 22 different countries, was female.  

Erin was born in the USA, grew up in Saudi Arabia, played college soccer in the States, professional football in the UK, in competitive leagues in Saudi Arabia, Scandinavia, the US, China, Afghanistan and Jordan, and trained with the US Olympic Team for Modern Pentathlon. For her day job, Erin works for the UN World Food Programme as the Regional Peace and Conflict advisor for the Middle East and North Africa. She is also the co-founder of Equal Playing Field, a “grassroots, non-profit initiative to challenge gender inequality in sport and to promote sports development for girls and women globally, especially in marginalised country contexts,” with an evident focus on football/soccer. Following its initial foray up Kilimanjaro, Equal Playing Field has gone on to set four more world records, including one for the lowest altitude game ever, in the Dead Sea of Jordan, to demonstrate the need for top-to-bottom change in sports gender equality.

In the first half of a two-half conversation (45mins + stoppage time each) Erin discusses with me the challenges she experienced as a female player, the subsequent birth of Equal Playing Field, the logistical challenges of the team climb up Kilimanjaro and the game that followed, and some of the organization’s other achievements, both at World Record and Grass Roots levels. A second half will follow. The show will not go to penalties.

Links for this show:

Equal Playing Field web site

BeInSports Equal Playing Field documentary about the Kili climb

Equal Playing Field YouTube channel (many short clips about programmes/camps/World Records)

Equal Playing Field Instagram

Equal Playing Field Facebook

Equal Playing Field Twitter

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Ida Sports website

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It’s not every 17-year old who gets the chance to interview Paul McCartney for three hours, especially at the point, back in early 1982, that Macca had barely been heard from publicly since the assassination of his former Beatles band mate John Lennon on that tragically book-marked day of December 8, 1980. That 17-year old was your One Step Beyond host, Tony Fletcher, and the story you will hear on this Episode, The Day I Met Macca, ties in to two of his ongoing book projects.One is The Best of Jamming!: Selections and Stories from the Fanzine That Grew Up 1977-1986, and it comes out on September 23rd in the UK and November 25th in the USA. The Paul McCartney interview referred to in this short story was published at the time in Jamming!, which was started by Fletcher back at school in the late 1970s, and is reprinted verbatim in this new compendium. In fact, if you squint at the logo for this particular episode of One Step Beyond on your phone, you should be able to see Fletcher holding up a reprint of the McCartney interview from the a hot-off-the-presses copy of The Best of Jamming.The second project is the sequel to Fletcher's memoir Boy About Town, which detailed those formative years growing up in South London in the 1970s, as a kid transformed by punk and new wave. The Day I Met Macca is an edited extract of a full chapter from that sequel, publication date to be determined.The Best of Jamming! will be launched with its own podcast series, featuring conversations with former contributors and interviewees. Consider this short story a teaser for the upcoming books and the associated podcast.Oh, and if you were wondering why One Step Beyond failed to publish a new episode this August, it's not because we spent the month on the beach. Rather, your host found himself in Intensive Care - the subject, no doubt, of a future Episode, and another reason this current Episode may feel like a detour from the usual outdoors/travel/health/athletic subject matter.The Best of Jamming!: Selections and Stories from the Fanzine That Grew Up 1977-1986 is available through all good bookshops or order online from outlets such PressUS:Bookshop.orgIndiebound.orgBarnesandnoble.comAnd yes, if you must, from Amazon.More information about Boy About Town and Tony's other books here. Questions/comments/suggestions/free beer? Use this e-mail, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter.The One Step Beyond website is here. Or, find One Step Beyond on social media at:Instagram is OneStepBeyondPodcastFacebook is One Step Beyond with Tony FletcherTwitter is OneStepBeyondP1Incidental music is by Noel FletcherAnd your host can be found

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